Work/Life Balance: Tip the Scales in Your Favor with a Two-Bedroom Loft!

November 11, 2019 | Detroit
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Alright, it can’t just be any two-bedroom loft; it has to be one with all the amenities they offer at The Lofts of Merchants Row.

Because, yes, anyone can transform a second bedroom into an office. But simply working at home doesn’t make your life less work or make you feel like you don’t have to work as hard to have a life.

I have a team that helps me with that.

First, my lofts building designed each unit with an eye to efficiency and aesthetics.

My in-unit washer and dryer makes doing laundry a breeze and the building lockers for dry cleaning pick-up and delivery mean I never have to take time from my life to make sure I’m dressed for every occasion: whether that be work or fun!

My state of the art appliances and perfectly appointed kitchen make preparing meals a pleasure, not a chore. And the buildings’ Butterfly systems allow me to swipe in ‘delivery’ when I don’t feel like getting up to go to the door, much less cooking!

The Lofts of Merchants Row Shuttle takes me to Eastern Market, Whole Foods, and other grocers downtown, so if I feel like picking out my own produce, I don’t have to spend time parking!

When I am working away in my second bedroom, I can also receive packages while still being productive since they are securely stored in our Luxor lockers until I am ready to pick them up.

And needing to have a lightbulb changed doesn’t interrupt my lightbulb-moments for work. I simply use The Lofts of Merchants Row lets me make maintenance requests online so they keep my workday on track with the tap of a button.

While my two-bedroom loft has allowed me to set up a supersweet home office, if I have to head out for work, my building’s valets bring my car down to me and have it all warmed up for me to commute in comfort. And all I have to do is access an app!

My go-to for transitioning from work to play is a workout—and I can either go to the gym in my building or keep on track and then rack up some miles on my own treadmill (which fits in my second bedroom with all of my work materials!).

But the best part of all is that when I’m finished with the work that is my job (and all the work of life is done easily or by someone else), I can simply step outside the door of my two-bedroom loft and I am smack dab in the middle of Downtown Detroit: where I can shop and go to a show or drink and dine at an incredible eatery.

So, while my two-bedroom loft lets me get my work done in the home office in my two-bedroom loft, The Lofts of Merchants Row amenities allow me to enjoy life. And, in today’s world, that is a luxury.

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