Why I Love My Two-Bedroom Downtown Detroit Luxury Loft! The Perks of an Extra Bedroom!

December 29, 2018 | Detroit
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Living in Downtown Detroit, there is plenty to do—and your friends and family won’t need you to tell them that! And I love the fact that when my out-of-town friends come to Detroit, they know they have a place to stay with me.

I’ve had a friend stay with me while she auditioned for MasterChef just down the street. (Let me just say, if you ever have the chance to offer ‘room’ while your chef-friend provides the ‘board’—do it.)

I’ve had friends stay with me while they were in town for work. (Which means I get to attend post-conference cocktail parties and then play tour guide to the best pubs in Detroit, which I would gladly do as a fulltime job!)

I’ve had friends stay with me when they come to Detroit for music festivals. (VIP Wristbands are even better when you can walk to the gate.)

I’ve had friends stay with me for Tigers Opening Day. (Which actually starts the night before and goes into the day after.)

I’ve had friends stay with me for Thanksgiving. (See the above Tigers’ Opening Day for the ‘start time’ of this event—Best Bar Night of the Year made even better!—and includes the full lineup of the America’s Day Parade right outside my window before a very short walk over to Ford Field for the game.)

I could list all of the Red Wings’ and Piston’s games, Concerts, Musicals, and Comedy Acts, but this blog would get a bit crowded.

Which is one thing my two-bedroom luxury loft doesn’t.

Along with my Guest Room, my friends get their own bathroom and can park with my valet-operated secure parking structure.

My luxury loft’s security system lets me give them their entry passcode.

They can use my personal treadmill and workout equipment (because, yes, having a second bedroom allows me to have all of this in my loft) or the fitness machines in my building’s gym.

My in-unit washer and dryer are in the guest bathroom, so they have access to those or they can use the free laundry facilities in my building.

My internet router lets me give them a guest passcode or they can use the free WiFi the Lofts of Merchants Row offers in my building.

If I have something to do for work, they can shop Nike, Moosejaw, and Under Armor, which are all just outside my front door. And if I haven’t bothered to go grocery shopping, the Hudson Café will deliver ‘Room Service’ for them just like they do for me.

Which is why, even though the one-bedroom and studio lofts in my building are huge, I love my two-bedroom luxury loft.

This way, my friends feel as ‘At Home’ in my ‘Home-Sweet-Home’ as I do!


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