When Your Hometown = Hockeytown! #WinWin

September 30, 2019 | Detroit
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Alright, Kraft is calling it Hockeyville—but last week, I got to see BOTH my Hometowns (aka Hockeytowns) spotlighted in the NHL when the Detroit Red Wings took on the St Louis Blues in Calumet!

Yep, I come from a town so small, everyone in it could fit into Little Caesars Arena (which is a 5-minute walk from my Downtown Detroit Loft)!

But, given all the places in metro Detroit I could choose to live, I chose Downtown Detroit.


Because Downtown Detroit is as close to a small town as you can get with big city benefits.

Not because of the number of people who live here, but because, just like watching the game on NBCSN, if I don’t actually know the people I see every day, I recognize them. And they recognize me. (Or at least Little Dog, who is really much cooler than I am.]

And, just like a small town, you can walk everywhere. [Okay, this wasn’t as cool when I was a kid and wanted a ride and my parents said “you can walk.” But it is very cool now when I’m the one who would have to drive or pay for a ride if everywhere I wanted to be wasn’t just a few minutes away by foot!]

Small towns are also huge on history.

If you watched the game, you know The Gipper was from my hometown. And when you live in Downtown Detroit, you are surrounded by history—especially if you live in my lofts building where the units are painstakingly renovated with contemporary amenities while maintaining architectural artifacts.

If you watched the game, you may not know that my Dad also skated and played hockey at the Armory (the arena now called the Colosseum), but in my hometown people do, because family is important. Just like it is here in Downtown Detroit.

And when I chose to live in Downtown Detroit, I chose the Lofts of Merchants Row, because the building management (from the leasing office to the valets) know me, are always there for me, and look out for me.  Like family.

Which makes them, and all my neighbors, the Stars of the Game and means a #WinWin for me!

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