Weekends = Workouts + Wine in Detroit!

June 26, 2020 | Detroit
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I can actually simply walk next door from my Downtown Detroit Luxury Loft to the House of Pure Vin, scoring a great bottle of wine from the selection curated by their Master Sommelier.

But this weekend I won’t need to get my steps in because Pure Vin is offering Pilates & Wine with Lisa Mills!

Yep, they are treating me (and you, via Zoom!) to a free workout with fitness guru Lisa Mills, delivered not just to my door but right into my home! And if the name Lisa Mills sounds familiar to you, it’s because she delivers not only excellent workouts, but help to those in need (when the COVID crisis began, she donated furniture and gift cards to a family in need—and when the family’s dryer broke, that included arranging to have a new dryer delivered to the family’s home).

The House of Pure Vin isn’t just the perfect place to pick up a host, hostess or housewarming gift. From the day they opened their doors, they have always supported the locally-owned small businesses in my neighborhood. And since March, they’ve been offering virtual vino tastings and other events that create community and sustain spirits!

So Pilates & Wine with Lisa Mills and the House of Pure Vin is not just an opportunity to get in a good sweat-sesh, but to be a part of an event hosted by people who care about community—which is exactly why I love living in my community!

And since my home is strategically located just above the House of Pure Vin, BYOW (Bring Your Own Wine) is a breeze!

#LovingLuxuryLoftLiving in #Detroit!

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