Weekends in Detroit can get “Bazaar”

May 05, 2010 | Detroit

With a great cross-spectrum of ethnicities and religions in the Detroit area, things Downtown and elsewhere in the city can get a little “bazaar,” as in the Russell Bazaar that takes place every weekend at 1600 Clay, just off I-75 near Hamtramck. The indoor shopping extravaganza has more than 150 individual storefronts, all art-related in some way.

New clothes, jewelry, arts and crafts, bath supplies – all in stock, many handmade and unique unto themselves.  And while to some it may be a giant flea market (which, for others is an added positive) to us it’s a representation of Detroit’s immense creative talent. Even the building which houses the bazaar is a masterpiece of construction, housed inside the Russell Industrial Center, a series of 7 interconnected buildings designed by the “architect of Detroit,” Albert Kahn, finished in 1925.

Its culture meets art meets urban lifestyle—all under “one” roof. The Bazaar is another of Detroit’s “hidden gems” and a great place to go on a weekend if you’re looking to dress up your house or wardrobe and meet some interesting folks. Who knows, you may even meet some new friends.


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