Utilizing Your Second Bedroom as an Office

September 02, 2018 | Apartment Living
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Whether you work from home full-time, you’re lucky enough to work at an office that allows for part-time remote work opportunities, or you simply need a place to manage your finances and personal concerns, an office has become an essential part of the modern living situation.  Even with the many apartment amenities you’ll enjoy in modern Detroit living spaces, it’s not easy to find apartments that offer built-in offices, desks, and the like.

This leaves you to figure out your office space on your own, and the task can be much more easily managed when you have more space to work with.  A luxury apartment with a second bedroom at The Lofts of Merchants Row is ideal for any adult seeking the convenience of downtown living paired with modern, spacious, quality living.  What benefits will you gain by turning your spare bedroom into an office?

Use Other Rooms for Intended Purposes

If you don’t use your second bedroom for an office, where will your office end up?  Likely you’ll have a cluttered desk in your bedroom or living room, creating an eyesore and taking up space that could better be used for appropriate furnishings or even a bit more open floor space.

Plus, when you put your office in your bedroom, you’ll suffer the psychological ramifications of staring at unfinished work while you’re trying to fall asleep.  It’s always better to have clearly delineated spaces for different purposes so as to separate personal and professional spheres and better enjoy your personal relaxation time.

Create a Dedicated Space for Work

In addition to clearing both physical and mental clutter, utilizing a second bedroom as an office allows you to create a dedicated space for completing work.  If you’re trying to finish work, pay the bills, or complete other office-related tasks in the living room or bedroom, you may be understandably distracted.

Perhaps your partner is trying to sleep or needs to get ready for work while you’re trying to get something done in your bedroom/office.  Or what if he/she is cooking dinner or watching TV while you’re trying to concentrate in your living room/office?  These scenarios aren’t conducive to getting your work done expeditiously, and you’re likely to get frustrated and waste time as you attempt to refocus.

It Can Still be a Guest Room

When you start hunting for nice apartments in Detroit that offer two bedrooms, the reason may be that you want extra space to host frequent visitors.  Or perhaps you’re planning for an addition to your family down the road and you want the option for a nursery.

In the meantime, you can still use this space for your office.  A guest room requires far less furniture than your bedroom – a bed and a nightstand or two is totally adequate.  This leaves plenty of space for your desk setup, as well as file cabinets or shelving for storage and organization.  Even if you’re planning to bring home a bundle of joy down the road, your second bedroom can serve as an office until then, ensuring optimal use of your space.

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