Things you should and shouldn’t share with your roommate

October 07, 2018 | Apartment Living
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“Sharing is caring. It can be fun!” We have all sung the song and have all been taught that sharing is, indeed, caring; except when it’s not. After scouring the web and searching for and finding luxury apartments for rent in Michigan, you may be on the hunt for a roommate. When it comes to living with another human being and sharing a space with said human being, there are a few things that you should be sharing as roommates and some things that are best left to yourself. While The Lofts of Merchants Row makes sharing a living space easy due to an array of square-footage options to choose from, it is important to remember that while you may share your loft, you don’t have to share everything.

Do Share: Clothes

As long as you and your roommate are cool with it, there is nothing wrong with swapping sweaters on occasion. There are many benefits to having a roommate. One of those benefits is having an extra closet full of clothes.

Don’t Share: Razors

While sharing (again, if you have permission) shampoo from time to time is not a big deal, sharing things like razors is a big no-no. It is an easy way to transmit bacteria and could result in a staph infection. In addition, razors can also transmit fungal infections and blood-borne diseases.

Do Share: Chores

It is important to talk about a cleaning routine when you plan on living with another person. One person should not take up the brunt of the household chores. Nice apartments in Detroit are worth keeping clean. Come up with a chore list and stick to it out of respect for your roommate.

Don’t Share: Food

Unless you have agreed on sharing certain food items (and sharing the cost of those items), do not just assume that your roommate is going to be happy about you taking some of his or her leftovers out of the fridge.

Do Share: Feelings

No one gets along 24/7. With that being said, no one likes the silent treatment. If your roommate has done something to offend you or has a certain habit that is affecting your sleep or work schedule, talk to them about it. He or she cannot read your mind and it is better to squash a minor issue before it becomes a big, looming problem.

Don’t Share: Ear-Related Items

Earrings and headphones are better left to yourself. Bacteria can grow on both and no one wants an ear infection.

Do Share: Subscriptions

If you are living in the same household, take advantage of splitting the costs of various subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu, and local grocery store rewards programs. Costs can add up quickly and there is no point in paying for separate Prime subscriptions for items that are being delivered to the same apartment.

Living with a roommate at The Lofts of Merchants Row can be a fun and rewarding experience. By following these do-shares and don’t-shares, you can easily become the world’s best roommate. You’re welcome.

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