The Forecast is for FUN at the Spring Beer Celebration Detroit!

April 21, 2018 | Detroit

While it isn’t certain that Spring is going to actually show up this year, McShane’s Pub & Whiskey Bar has got your back—and your beer!—with their Spring Beer Celebration!

And, with the selection of Seasonal Beers they’re pairing with delish dishes, the ‘forecast’ is for Fun!

Chef’s Lobster Egg Rolls will pair perfectly with Hitachino Nest Beer White Ale, brought to you (and to the US) by Kiuchi Brewery, which was initially established as a Sake Brewery in Japan nearly 200 years ago. The idea was to make good use of the remaining rice stocks that had been collected for taxes [and we can all raise a glass to the end of tax-season!]. In 1996, they brewing their line of Hitachino Nest Beers, with a “hint of [their] traditional Sake brewing method.” Their White Ale is a refreshing mildly hopped Belgian styled beer with a complex flavor of Coriander, Orange Peel, and Nutmeg and has won Gold Medals in Beer Competitions in the U.K. and U.S.

According to experts, not only Belgian Witbiers but Hefeweizens also pair well with Lobster because of their citrus notes (according to me, Hefeweizens pair well with everything!)—so you might also consider pairing the Lobster Egg Rolls with Dogfish Head Namaste White, a Witbier “using ingredients of dried organic orange slices, fresh-cut lemongrass, peppercorns and a bit of coriander for a refreshing and sessionable experience.”

Next, get ready to hit the Mediterranean without having to go to HIIT classes to get a Beach Bod.

Chef’s Chicken Morocco be a perfect fit with a pint of Epic Brewing Brainless on Peaches. The fruitiness of this Belgian Strong Pale Ale will be genius with this dish, and peaches are a hearty enough fruit to stand up to the Moroccan spices. And since it’s brewed in French Chardonnay Casks, it won’t overwhelm the chicken in this dish.

The foamy pour of a Griffin Claw Copyright Cream Ale will also pair nicely with the Chicken Morocco, especially with notes of honey that will stick with you through the finish of your pint and your plate.

We’re currently experiencing Spring with lingering notes of Winter, and Chef’s Leafy Green & Roasted Root Vegetables with Miso pays homage to our mix of seasons. Lagunitas Citrusinensis Pale Ale, brewed with the concentrated juice of Sanguinello Blood Oranges, has a marriage of citrus and hops in a ‘Pale-ish’ Ale that will have you celebrating the union of the tastes in this hearty side dish and your suds!

Cure any lingering winter blues you may still have with Chef’s Cured Meat & Cheese Platter. You can’t talk about cheese without a nod to Wisconsin (and, yes, I am going to refrain from making some terrible pun about nodding and Cheeseheads).  So sample a Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy with this sampling of cheese and meats (which Wisconsin is also known for—both making and packing). The family brewery was founded in Chippewa, WI 150+ years and six generations ago, which was well before Franz Kugler served the first Shandy (in Munich in 1922, when his tavern was so overrun with thirsty cyclists after a race that he mixed his beer with lemonade and soda to keep his taps flowing and serve all the customers who had stopped in to celebrate). Kugler’s combination inspired the Leinenkugel family to “combine our Weiss beer with natural lemonade flavor to create Summer Shandy.”

Since it’s technically Spring and almost Summer, you should definitely also get into some ‘shorts’ here—as in Short’s Soft Parade Shandy. This light beer is a heavy hitter when it comes to seasonal flavor, blending “Short’s flagship Fruit Rye Ale, Soft Parade, and homemade lemonade” and will be the perfect pull with Chef’s mix of meats and cheeses!

Nothing captures the taste of Spring and Summer like Chef’s Petite Key Lime Pie, and I would recommend pairing this delish (and, after a long winter, just) dessert with Founders Rubaeus, whose tart and sweet raspberry flavor will be the perfect ‘garnish’ for the celebration.

So don’t miss the celebrations and suds at McShane’s this Saturday, April 28 from 8 until 11 p.m.! More Info available on their Spring Beer Celebration Event!


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