The Best Furniture Arrangement Ideas for Your Downtown Detroit Loft

September 09, 2020 | Apartment Living

Arranging the furniture in your Detroit apartment can be lots of fun or extremely daunting, depending on your relationship with interior design. Loft living tends to lend itself well to a more open-feeling layout, considering the high ceilings and plethora of natural light throughout.

Though many options can work perfectly well, there are a few key factors to keep in mind when starting or shifting your furniture arrangement that could potentially maximize the functionality and aesthetic quality of your space.

Consider the sizes of your furniture pieces when grouping them together. Arranging pieces near each other that are similar in size, and therefore carry a similar visual weight for people entering the room, can create a sense of comfortable continuity. However, intentionally grouping furniture pieces of varying sizes can encourage more vibrant energy in the room. When grouping furnishings together, make sure to have your intentions for the room and its overall vibe in mind.

Think outside the walls. Apartment owners often tend to arrange their furniture around the walls of a room, leaving the center empty, in an attempt to make the room feel bigger. However, this arrangement actually causes the opposite effect. An open center with furniture surrounding can make people feel walled in and actually make the space feel smaller than it is. Try leaving some furniture against the walls with one or two big pieces right in the middle such as a couch and coffee table. This works particularly well if the pieces in the middle interact with a focal point of the room, such as a large window, television, or fireplace.

Don’t underestimate the details of design. Color scheme is something that many apartment owners overlook when trying to make their space feel more welcoming or expansive. A generally neutral color scheme, particularly on the lighter side, makes a room much easier on the eyes and therefore feels bigger than it might if the viewer was distracted by busy patterns. Additionally, furniture pieces with legs tend to make rooms feel more expansive than boxy pieces.

The tape measure is your friend. Before designing your apartment layout or making changes to the furnishing, don’t forget to make sure you still have the proper space to move throughout your rooms. No matter how much you might want that couch or armoire, if it infringes on your ability to walk around the space with ease, it won’t be worth it.

Utilize vertical space. Especially in loft apartments like those at the Lofts of Merchants Row, most apartments have plenty of wall space to utilize for storage as well as decoration. Consider adding a tall shelving or cubby unit that helps to declutter your space while complimenting the décor, or even adding mirrors or tall lamps on top of other surfaces to elongate the room.

With the Detroit luxury apartments at the Lofts of Merchants Row, you’ll love the myriad of possibilities the wide-open space and plentiful natural light will offer you when planning your apartment’s design. Your search for the best of luxury apartments in Detroit stops with the Lofts of Merchants Row.

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