Thank You to ALL the Moms! Flowers for Mother’s Day from Detroit!

May 10, 2020 | Uncategorized
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They say a picture is worth a thousand words—which is good, because there aren’t words enough to say Thank You to ALL the Moms!

This week, as if in anticipation of today, I saw Detroit literally ‘spring’ into action with flowers galore—so if you weren’t able to spend today with your Mom or have flowers sent to her, here are some snaps of the city to share…

These tulips line Woodward, a mere block from the front door of my loft. They remind me of the gardens my Mom (and the other Moms on my block) used to plant along our sidewalks.

Okay, I’m also going to admit that us kids sometimes picked those blooms to bring ‘bouquets’ home for our Moms. Often from other Mom’s gardens. Thank you to all the Moms who are so giving that you let your hard work be given to another Mom…

The open sky and the building loom over these flowers, reminding me again of being a kid and that feeling of being small in a big world full of big people…

But my Mom, and the teachers I now know were also Moms—mind blown!—made sure us kids always felt as special and unique as each of these blooms. Thank you to all the Moms who make sure kids, and not just your own, grew up feeling beautiful.

And these blooms lead the way from my front door to the Detroit River, reminding me of all the Moms that made sure us kids knew this world was ours to explore and guided our path. Thank you to all the Moms who made us feel safe enough to have adventures.

And thank you for also always being there for us when we return. Which we are always doing in our hearts….

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the Moms! 

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