Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Detroit Kitchen

May 16, 2018 | Apartment Living
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Annual spring cleaning is essential to ensuring that nice apartments in Detroit stay looking clean and fresh so that you can get your security deposit back down the road.  Also, it’s preferable to live in a clean space.  This is especially true when it comes to your kitchen, which not only gets a lot of use, but also houses your foodstuffs and cookware – stuff that you really want to keep in a clean environment.

When it comes time to perform spring cleaning in your kitchen at The Lofts of Merchants Row, you should know that a once-over with your standard rag and spray bottle simply won’t do the trick.  You need to take a more comprehensive approach that addresses every nook and cranny you’ve left untended over the last year.  Here are a few tips to get you on track for successful spring cleaning.

Make a Top-Down Checklist

Spring cleaning kicks your regular routine up a notch, and a little prep work can make the process significantly more efficient and effective.  This starts with the creation of a top-down checklist.

Look to the heavens.  Are there cobwebs in corners and accumulated dust on the lighting fixtures?  Is there a layer of grime on top of the fridge and on cabinet doors?  Is there crusty pasta sauce and bacon grease splattered on the backsplash?  Are there crumbs in the cupboards and spills in the fridge?

These are the things you stop noticing on a day-to-day basis, so they’re easy to overlook when you’re in the thick of it, scrubbing away.  This is why you need to step back, apply a critical eye to the space, and write out a spring cleaning checklist to follow.  It can also help you to determine needed cleaning supplies ahead of time, and you can reuse it annually.

Pull Everything

As part of your spring cleaning, you’ll want to pull everything out of cabinets and drawers to clean away accumulated crumbs and dust that have built up over the past year.  It’s best to do this before you clean counters and flooring since you’re just going to sweep stuff out and onto other surfaces.

Removing everything also gives you and opportunity to assess your arsenal of cookware and gadgets.  If you have a lot of doubles, it might be time to donate them to Goodwill, along with any small appliances or gadgets you haven’t touched since the last time you did spring cleaning.

Clean Appliances

Cleaning every shelf and drawer in your fridge and then pulling the entire fridge out from the wall to get at accumulated dirt underneath is not sexy.  In fact, it’s pretty gross.  So is cleaning a well-used oven.  However, cleaning appliances is part of maintenance and longevity, and you’re going to really appreciate it when these apartment amenities are sparkling and you’ve swept all the dead spiders and dust bunnies out from under them.

When you go hunting for luxury apartments for rent in Michigan, you naturally expect any included appliances to look like new, but they won’t stay looking that way without a little help.  Spring cleaning gets rid of built-up grime and makes your entire kitchen shine like new again.

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