Small Bathroom Design Ideas That Make a Big Impact

April 19, 2018 | Uncategorized
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When decorating a compact space, you want to create rooms that feel both simple and personalized. Loft living provides many opportunities for using space creatively, while seeking a unified look across rooms. This is relatively easy to do in terms of the main living space, but how can you extend this design philosophy to the bathroom?

Detroit luxury apartments, particularly loft spaces, tend to have somewhat small bathrooms. A small bathroom begs for you to maximize your personal impact and make it feel like your own, without overwhelming the space. If you hope to lend a cohesive yet unique touch to your Lofts of Merchants Row bathroom, read over the tips below.

1. Start with the Shower Curtain
Your shower curtain should be the centerpiece of your bathroom. Browse shower curtains at your local household goods store. Also consider that when paired with a waterproof curtain liner on the backend, any regular curtain panels can be used in your shower. And since typical home curtains come in so many more colors, textures, and styles this can help you find the perfect one for your bathroom. If the panel you choose is not as wide as your shower curtain liner, go ahead and grab two.

Select sleek curtain panels that are already equipped with grommets, or install a second tension rod for your curtain panels. As long as you are installing additional tension rods, consider placing another one along the inside edge of your shower, and using S hooks for extra storage space.

2. Fill in the Other Elements
The fun thing about decorating a bathroom is that the accessories needed aren’t too expensive. You can probably skip down to your local big box store and pick up a new trashcan, bath mat, and toothbrush holder. But you may want to stop there. When you are working with a smaller bathroom space, you don’t want to clutter it up with too much additional stuff.

Be sure to select essential pieces to prevent crowding or cluttering your space and they don’t necessarily need to be matching. Too much matchy-matchy stuff in your compact bathroom can come off as kitch.

3. Look at the Walls
Most luxury apartments in Detroit will not want you to make permanent changes to the walls, meaning that painting, tiling, or wallpapering are not feasible options. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of your bathroom wall space. Peel and stick wallpaper or tile could be used for an accent wall or as a bathroom backsplash, and then later removed.

Also, don’t neglect the bathroom as a place to hang up art. Select small, vibrant pieces in colors that mesh with your shower curtain. Be aware that steam and moisture may cause paper to warp over time, so don’t hang your most precious (or valuable) art pieces here.

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