Save the Date for ‘Detective Day’ Detroit!

March 12, 2019 | Detroit

What’s better than binging Law and Order…? Living it!

Fine. I am a complete Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem geek. I even teach a class on it.

And, OMG, am I geeked for CluedUpp Detroit!

As I child, I lived on the board game Clue, and on April 13th, I will get to “crack a case” in an outdoor version of the board game!

I am so totally Miss Scarlet in a Luxury loft and loving living in Downtown Detroit!

With CluedUpp’s Detective Day Detroit, I will get to “stalk the streets” that I know and love after a decade of living Downtown!

I will get to “track down virtual witnesses” with a team of friends, which should be no problem, because when you live in a Downtown Detroit loft at The Lofts of Merchants Row you get to know your neighbors (through Resident Events—held every month—and just from seeing them in the elevator and the eateries that surround your loft)!

I get to wear “1920’s inspired fancy dress (dressing up is optional but good fun!)”—which is again, no problem because I have shops like The Peacock Room, with their vintage inspired pieces, to transform me from Professor Plum to Miss Scarlet!

And I get to make up a “fantastically clever team name.” Currently all I have is ‘The Detroit Deerhunters’: which may be the most appropriate because I am totally ‘Sher’-locked into living in my Downtown Detroit luxury loft! Holmes Sweet Holmes!

FUN FACT: Detective Day will be taking place on the same day in Coventry, Middlesbrough, and Paris!

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