Proud of My Pride: Supporting the Troops and the City I Love with the Lions’ Season Launch

September 04, 2019 | Detroit

The Lions don’t have to do anything to get me fired up for football season. Every morning I wake up and see Ford Field from my Downtown Detroit Loft. I basically start every day with football.

But they’ve managed to up their game once again this year. In 2018, the season kicked off on Monday Night Football—an American institution since the 1970s.

This year, the season is starting off supporting an even older institution: the US Armed Forces.

Since the 1770s, two hundred years before MNF, our troops have been serving and sacrificing for us. This year, the Lions are saying ‘thank you’ with ‘Treat the Troops,’ a program that lets fans like me sponsor tickets for our military and their family members to attend the games.

It’s a small salute for a huge sacrifice that lets us call the towns and teams we love ‘home.’

And in preparation for the Lions’ Home Opener, Season Launch Week will start off with a Slow Roll, where fans can cycle the city with Lions Legends, Cheerleaders, and Roary! This moving Monday Night Tailgate will also feature live music and food trucks—and each ticket gets not just you to a game but a member of our military will also get to see the Lions’ Home Opener on against the Chargers.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, everybody at that game will be treated to (and be supporting) the Detroit Youth Choir, who will perform the halftime show. This group of local kids have been charging ahead of the competition on America’s Got Talent, and while they’re already ‘The Champion’ as far as I’m concerned, I can’t wait to cheer them on in person at Ford Field.

So, I’m not just a football fan and a season ticket member who is excited for the season to kick off. Like the Lions, I love the city I call home and the people who live here—especially the children who remind me ‘The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us’ and make me believe anything is possible, and the people who serve to make it possible for me to live here.

So, yes, like the Lions, I’m Proud of my Pride.


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