Progressive Parties: The Perks of Living in a Downtown Detroit Loft!

January 30, 2017 | Apartment Living

One of the perks of living at The Lofts of Merchants Row is that every month they host a Resident Event where we can get together with friends from the building and meet new neighbors.

This month ‘peeks’ were added to that perk, as we got to visit our neighbor’s homes in a Progressive Party that went from loft to loft.

Now, before you think that sounds all Gladys Kravitz (think Amy Sedaris in Bewitched!), you should know that another perk of living in a Downtown Detroit loft at The Lofts of Merchants Row is that the floorplans vary from unit to unit—so unlike other building with lofts or apartments, when you visit your neighbor it isn’t like hanging out in your own living room…just with a different couch and coffee table.

Okay, so at the first stop, Michael, who just moved in, didn’t actually have a coffee table. Well, he did, but no one noticed his coffee table because he had a custom-built bar as the centerpiece of his living room.

Yes.  A bar. The lofts in my building are big enough to accommodate that!

So we kicked off the night gathered around my neighbor’s bar with pizzas from Slices—which sent me on a hike down Memory Lane.  Pizza from Slices was actually the first meal I had when I moved into my loft 7-plus years ago. (They were actually on Griswold then, and, fine, it was actually the first three meals I had in my new loft because—well—moving!)

And, alright, the pizza from Slices may have been accompanied by some tequila shots to kick off the night right…all while admiring the view of Luminosity from huge windows overlooking Woodward!

Our next stop was the loft of a couple who are fairly new—though they’ve pretty much met everyone in the building via Mackenzie, their adorable dachshund who pretty much stole the show, just as he does whenever we all see him in the hallway and elevator! That’s another perk of living in my Downtown Detroit loft building—furry roomies are allowed and soon become everyone’s BFF!

So being at Kathleen and Bryan’s loft was like being at Cheers—where everyone knows Mackenzie’s name! Though it may be better to describe it as Cheers with some ‘Charo’ thrown in—because Kathleen and Bryan put out a spicy spread and served growlers of Sangria from Vicente’s Cuban Cuisine.

Yes. That is another perk of living right Downtown Detroit. We have incredible eateries to pop into (if you haven’t had Vicente’s Queso de Cabra, Baked Goat Cheese and Fresh Tomatoes, served over Tomato Basil Sauce or one of their Paellas, prepared tableside for two and to-die-for, you need to!). But we can also get take-away tastes of their delicious offerings to serve in our own homes!

Our next stop was the loft of one of our Resident Event Directors, Justin, who picked up the pace of the evening by serving Slows BBQ! You can’t beat incredible conversation over perfectly-crumbly Cornbread and Mac-and-Cheese.  Alright, I just need to say it again, and Slowly: Cornbread. And. Mac-and-Cheese.

But the sweetest stop of the night may have been Tom’s place—where he fêted us with treats from Astoria. Because when you live in a Downtown Detroit loft, you’re also just steps away from Greektown Detroit, with all of its attractions—including Baklava to-go!

And when you live in Detroit, you can go to all these incredible eateries often. Just like you can always catch up with good friends and meet new neighbors—all while having an excellent but not-all-that-unusual a night—when you live in Downtown Detroit at The Lofts of Merchants Row.

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