No Tricks, Just Treats Purr-fect for Halloween in Detroit!

October 22, 2015 | Detroit
Detroit D Pumpkin (Photo Credit Jackie Barlow)
Detroit ‘D’ Pumpkin/Photo Credit: Jackie Barlow


Halloween, or All Souls’ Day, celebrations in America date back to Colonial times, where public ‘play parties’ marked the time of the harvest: making a night in Detroit—where good things are being sown and reaped every day—the perfect place to play next week!

Since black felines are now nearly ubiquitous on the holiday, HopCat Detroit is one of many the purr-fect places to be in Detroit! Not only will 100% of their Door Proceeds be going to Child Safe Michigan, they will have Costume Contests, Concerts, and—of course—Crack Fries (Beer-Battered and topped with their Signature Cracked Black Pepper Seasoning and served with a side of Warm Cheese Sauce). Check out their Halloween@HopCat Event  for a great time and a good cause!

While they were originally carved out of turnips, beets, and potatoes, Jack O’Lanterns are now more commonly associated with pumpkins, which are native to America. The tradition arises out of the legend in which ‘Stingy Jack,’ an Irishman who invited the Devil to drink with him, then eventually tricked and trapped the Devil by carving a cross into the bark of a tree.  Thus, our carved pumpkins essentially come out of the desire to have a drink, which makes Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria and Brewery Detroit an ideal spot to treat yourself to a locally (Dexter) brewed Bam Noire, a Dark Farmhouse Ale, with “Aromas of worn leather and cool autumn nights,” paired with their Lamb Pizza, topped with Charred Tomato Sauce, Mozzarella, Feta, Pickled Red Onions, Arugula tossed in Citrus Mint Yogurt, and Roasted Red Peppers in honor of the roasted, or toasted, pumpkin seeds we all love!

Alright, witches may gather around the caldron—but if you want to get together with good friends and have a helluva good time, you need to get to Punch Bowl Social – Detroit and stir up some trouble with their Deviled Eggs, with Bacon Jam, Tartar Sauce, Mustard, and Baby Arugula.

So, while cemeteries are probably a good place to go for a ghoul time on Halloween, who wants to be in a place that’s, well, dead? That’s why you need to get to Detroit! And since cemeteries are filled with stones with everlasting encomiums of love , on All Souls’ Day it’s important to let your soulmate know your love for them is never going to die—and the night is going to live on! In fact, historically, young women attempted to divine the identity of their true love by eating or paring apples on Halloween! So you and your ‘honey’ should to ‘top’ off your evening off with a party that lives on every night and heavenly dessert at Cornerstone Barrel House—in other words, their Rumchata Bread Pudding, with Caramel, Honey Glazed Donut, Croissant and Apple!

Oh! And since in Mexico, October 31st is the Day of the Dead consider starting your day in Detroit by with a visit to the Detroit Institute of Arts, whose ‘Ofrenda’ exhibit run from s October 23rd to November 1st!  “An ofrenda (offering) is an essential part of the traditional Mexican Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) holiday, a day to remember and honor the memory of deceased loved ones” and this show will exhibit the work of 16 local artists!

p.s. Since Cats have been mentioned in this Blog, Little Dog demands her share of the spotlight…. Yes, this is HER ‘costume’ on October 31st…okay, and pretty much every other day of the year!

Little Dog as a Rug

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