Nesting in Downtown Detroit: Why Winter is a Wonderland with Luxury Loft Living!

February 19, 2019 | Detroit

Alright. I grew up where ‘Cabin Fever’ was a way of life. With records of 30 feet of snow in the winter (a season that lasted nine months and was followed by three months of ‘rough sledding’), at some point you went from listening to ‘sleigh bells ringing’ to hearing voices like Jack Nicholson in The Shining.

And living in the suburbs was no escape from the maze.

But since moving to a Downtown Detroit luxury loft, I have not once experienced a Jack-worthy moment.

In my Downtown Detroit loft, nesting is a Marie Kondo kind of experience. By which I mean “Joy” and “Ease” in everything.

First, I can always get out of my house. Sometimes without really leaving my house. I can go shopping at Nike, Moosejaw, Bonobos, and more, all of which are part of the Merchants Row complex.

Second, I can always look and feel my best, even when I am bundled up in layers upon layers. I can get an incredible massage at The Woodhouse Day Spa, treat myself to a mani/pedi at The Ten, and protect my skin against the winter weather with med spa treatments and facials at Boyd.

Third, if I have to leave my house by car, I can actually do this without ever going outside—and my building’s valets have my car heated for me before I even put it in drive.

Fourth, the views from my loft windows are ever-changing and incredible, and I can binge them 24/7.

Fifth, I have Netflix. Which, everyone has. (Okay, really, only one person has and everyone else shares.) But, no matter, the point of the Netflix and nesting is that I after binging I get to talk about what is going on in Riverdale or Ozark or on Russian Doll when I run into my neighbors and friends in the building.

Sixth, I have friends who, because I live in Downtown Detroit, want to come visit me—so I don’t have to brave the roads (or lack of roads due to potholes) to get together with friends from afar!

Seventh, I can see five restaurants and bars out my windows and can walk to at least 10 more without having to go further than a block from my front door. Cornerstone Barrel House is literally on my corner. Queens Bar Detroit is just down the block. Downtown Louie’s Lounge and d’Mongo’s Speakeasy are right around the block. Avalon International Breads is just down the avenue and San Morello just opened in the new Shinola Hotel that is kitty-corner from my loft. And The Hudson Café offers Room Service that delivers delish food to my loft door!

Eighth, my luxury loft building hosts monthly events for residents at local hot-spots that get me out of the house without making me go far from my house—and where I always feel ‘at home’!

Ninth, when I want to stay in and put my culinary skills to the test, the state-of-the-art appliances and granite countertops in my loft make me feel like a real Chef! 

Tenth, I can aim for being a ‘ten’ by hitting the gym in my building. I have weights, I have cardio, I have cable, all a short elevator ride from my loft! I can also see the Boll Family YMCA from my window and be there in less than a hot-minute, despite the sub-zero the temps!

Eleventh, I can either do laundry in my loft (I have a in-unit washer/dryer) or downstairs in industrial-sized but FREE washers and dryers—and I can have my dry-cleaning picked up and delivered back to me from Huntington Cleaners. Or I can just buy new clothes online and have all my packages delivered securely to my Luxer One locker!

Twelfth, because my Downtown Detroit luxury offers me a FREE shuttle, I can get culture at the Detroit Institute of Arts or check out Eastern Market without ever having to get in the driver’s seat.

Twelfth, I can literally ‘Nest.’  My loft has the smart thermostat that lets me program a schedule for hearing my loft efficiently, and I can change that schedule remotely when I choose—so, if a Department meeting lets out early, I can return to a cozy home!

So, when the weather outside is frightful, my loft is always delightful!

Little Dog APPROVES #LovingLuxuryLoftLiving and the Amenities of Nesting at The Lofts of Merchants Row in Detroit!

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