Lofts of Merchants Row Resident Events Are a Little Bit of Everything in Detroit!

August 25, 2019 | Detroit
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I love the fact that my Downtown Detroit Lofts plan a new Resident Event for us every month. It’s never the same as the previous month and it’s always something I love. A lot like the spot they’ve picked for us this month—Eatori Market—which always has what I need and where I always find something I want because it’s a Market, it’s a Bar…it’s a little bit of everything!

And best of all, it’s just around the corner from my luxury loft, so if I need something (Vegs, Cheese, Wine!) I can run over at the last minute or I can pop in for a leisurely brunch with friends!

On Mondays, Eatori offers Happy Hour ALL day! And who wouldn’t be happy, if not ecstatic, eating the delish dishes, like Sweet Potato Bahn Mi, on their Lunch Menu?!?!

I could go on and on about all the incredible dishes and what I would order, but when we meet at 6:30 this Thursday, my Lofts Leasing Office will be treating us to a selection of menu items. I don’t always like when someone else orders for me, but at Eatori, I’m always happy to ‘Wing’ it!

Thursday, August 29, at 6:30! 


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