Loft Living is for the Dogs…Why Your FBF will LOVE Life in Detroit!

November 15, 2017 | Apartment Living

So, it’s not just me. Little Dog also loves living in a Downtown Detroit luxury loft.

Especially when she gets to go to a ‘Yappy Hour,’ like the one hosted by Pawstroll in the lobby of our building.

I, of course, knew what we were walking into. Little Dog was completely unprepared to be fêted and petted.

Okay. That’s not completely true….

Living in a pet-friendly luxury loft in Detroit has pretty much prepared Little Dog to always expect to be fêted and petted.

On my floor, she gets greeted by my neighbors before I do….

In the elevator, she gets told how cute she is….

On our walks she gets stopped by people downtown to take in a game (the Lions, Pistons, Red Wings, and Tigers all call her playing field ‘home’) who ask how she likes living in Downtown Detroit and want to pet her.

And her stops include not just ‘fire hydrants’ but all the shops that are just outside our front door where they spoil her with snacks.

Seriously. My dog knows when Moosejaw Mountaineering is open. (And she thinks they should consider changing their hours to 24/7.)

Then, when we return home, we visit the management office in my building and she get more treats, compliments, and cuddles from the leasing and maintenance staff.

So, when we headed down to the Yappy Hour hosted by Pawstroll, Little Dog may have been surprised, but living in a Downtown luxury loft has prepared her to always be fêted and petted….

While I got a coupon for Pawstroll’s Dog-Walking services (25-minute, 45-minute, or 60-minute walks which I can book online!), she got biscuits.

While I learned that they can recommend Dog-Grooming services (that will come to my door to pamper my dog!), she got beer.

Yes. Beer.

Bowser Beer Porky Pug Porter to be exact.

And she literally lapped it all up.

Yep. That’s my dog….

If you don’t live in a Downtown Luxury Loft that fêtes and pets your Furry Best Friend (FBF), Bowser Beer’s Porky Pug Porter is available from pet stores and, rest assured, does not contain alcohol. It can be poured over your FBF’s food or served straight (from a dish—chilled or warm. Believe me, your FBF won’t care). They also have Gridiron and Tail-gator Gift Packs you can order on their website for MNF (Monday Night Furball).

Then, though she probably could have finished off all the goodies right then and there, ‘we’ got a Doggie-Bag of treats from Bow Wow Baketique in Grosse Pointe Woods to take back upstairs with us.

Which means Little Dog now expects to be fêted and petted in our Downtown Detroit luxury loft.


But, yes, she will be.

Because (first) she is Little Dog and much loved and (second) because it is so easy (and fun) to live in The Lofts of Merchants Row with a Furry Best Friend that I have lots of quality time to spend with her.

Which, for Little Dog (and me), is the real treat.

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