LinkedIn to Open New Office in Downtown Detroit

September 01, 2017 | Detroit

LinkedIn, the social media platform best known for helping professionals to grow their virtual networks, as well as find and share job listings, recently announced that it will be contributing a few new positions to the job market thanks to an upcoming expansion in Detroit. The company is scouting for a location in Detroit to open its new office and is concurrently seeking new staffers for the planned expansion.

Incredibly, this is the first time in a decade the popular social site has opened a new physical location, and they’re looking for local talent to round out their roster. The news was announced August 18th, 2017 when LinkedIn Senior VP Mike Gamson posted an article entitled “Bringing LinkedIn to Detroit” on the company’s official blog. How did this come about and what does it mean for Detroit?

Why Detroit?

Detroit has become a fast-growing city, with abundant jobs and a burgeoning loft living community to rival west-coast competitor Portland. What Detroit is lacking, as compared to Portland, for example, is the high price tag for admission. Perhaps this growth, when paired with competitive pricing, is part of what drew LinkedIn to the area.

According to Gamson, “After evaluating more than 10 U.S. cities, we chose Detroit because we believe the Motor City presents a unique opportunity for LinkedIn to hire top talent and be a part of an exciting economic turnaround story.” Truly, Detroit has suffered some setbacks, starting long before the recent recession hit. However, this is a city that picks itself up, dusts itself off, and comes back stronger than before.

Says Gamson, “This new office gives us a chance to marry LinkedIn’s uniquely powerful culture with Detroit’s dynamic talent to create economic opportunity for our employees, the city and our company.” LinkedIn is just one of many companies to begin exploring opportunities in Detroit, fueling the economy and helping to draw in a new crowd of young professionals that will take the city into the future.

Nuts and Bolts

At present, LinkedIn is working to nail down temporary office space to accommodate new hires. Says Gamson, “Our goal is to have our first employees in that office within the next few months, and as such, we are actively searching for incredible sales professionals at all levels.” While employees get up to speed, the company will continue searching for a more permanent location in the Metro Detroit area.

Gamson wasn’t specific about the type of employees the company is seeking, beyond local talent, but he did mention that ideal employees are, “…people who dream big, get sh*t done and know how to have fun.” The company, which serves a population of tech-savvy professionals, relies on, “…talented individuals with different perspectives and experiences who come together to rally around a single purpose — creating economic opportunity.”

At the moment, the company’s job board lists five open positions in the Greater Detroit Area for a variety of management positions. For those who already live in Detroit or surrounding areas and have the right experience and perspective, it might be time to move downtown, get on board with apartment living, and sign up for a stint with LinkedIn.

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