Inexpensive Wall Art for your Downtown Detroit Loft

August 14, 2020 | Apartment Living
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Of all the aspects of home décor, artwork is one of the most nuanced yet important. Beautiful or interesting artwork can completely change the atmosphere of even the most simple home layout.

However, professional art is typically very expensive, and you may not have the budget for it with all the other home décor must-haves to worry about. Here are some fun ideas for wall decoration that will keep your loft looking unique and stylish without breaking the bank.

Use unexpected items to decorate your walls. Wall art doesn’t have to be a drawing or painting to be eye-catching and effective. There are so many creative options for unconventional wall hangings. You could:

  • Gather any empty LP covers you happen to have (or buy some for extremely cheap or free at a music store) and hang them up, either portrait style or in a fun pattern on the wall. Whether you frame them or not, they’ll be the perfect eclectic wall decoration as well as a fantastic conversation starter for any new guests.
  • Collect an assortment of mirrors of different sizes, shapes, and frame types and hang them on the wall in an interesting way. No art required, and the hanging design itself will contribute uniquely to the atmosphere of the space.
  • Find a tapestry or two (or three!) to hang on your wall. Tapestries come in a wide variety of color schemes, styles, and sizes and offer an artistic ambiance similar to the hanging of actual art.

Experiment with paint. If your lease agreement allows it, consider using some fresh paint to spruce up your space. A common idea is to paint one wall an entirely different color than the others, but there are plenty of ways to get even more creative with it. Give one wall stripes or a funky pattern, paint a meaningful quote, or even have an artistic friend help you paint a mural.

The frame makes the artwork. A piece of art could be absolutely incredible in every way, but if it’s in the wrong frame, it simply won’t have the same effect on the viewer. You could buy some very inexpensive art from a home goods store or even print out a particularly nice photo taken on your smartphone, splurge a little on a nice frame, and voilà—it could be just what your space needs. Additionally, a series of frames decorating a wall without any images inside them is a very striking choice for wall art that your guests will be intrigued and inspired by.

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