How to prevent your Detroit apartment guests from overstaying their welcome

December 03, 2018 | Uncategorized
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Inviting company into your living space can be both exciting and daunting. It takes a lot of preparation to get your home ready for guests so that they can enjoy the apartment amenities available to them. However, there comes a time when some guests stay a bit too long. In order to avoid this common occurrence, here are a few tips that will help you prevent your Detroit apartment guests from overstaying their welcome:


Plan Ahead
In order to ensure that someone does not overstay their welcome, it is always wise to plan ahead. Make it known that you have an appointment or plans at a specific time that will require their visit to end at the time proposed. By getting it out of the way up front, you are putting a time limit on their visit without having to rudely rush them out of the door at the last minute. Additionally, if you are hosting a party or get-together, have a set end time scheduled on invitations. By having a designated “end” to the festivities, guests will know heading into the party how much time they have before they need to head home.

Utilize Body Language
Utilizing body language is a great way to pass along the hint that it’s time to wrap things up. By tidying up, checking the clock, or getting up from a comfortable position and heading towards the door, you can convey that it’s time to go without having to say so. Unfortunately, some people do not pick up on body language so there is a chance that you will, eventually, have to use your words.

Pass Out Favors
If you are hosting a party, especially a holiday party, certain practices can hint that it’s time to wrap things up. If you plan on sending people home with holiday favors like assorted baked goods, begin passing them out. If you are hosting a cocktail party, announce last call and offer to call anyone a taxi who may need one. By beginning the “end of the party” process, this hints to guests that it is time to head home.

Get People to Help
If you have a roommate, close friend, or family member in attendance, enlist their help to begin the cleanup process and to ask guests if they need bottles of water or snacks to go. Once the host begins cleaning up, guests usually begin to say their goodbyes. After all, it is easier to head home than to help with the dishes.

While it can be annoying, guests that overstay their welcome mean no harm. When staying in or visiting one of The Lofts of Merchants Row’s luxury apartments for rent in Michigan, it makes sense that guests want to stay and experience the luxuries that come with living in one of our nice apartments in Detroit. With that being said, by following the aforementioned tips and tricks, you should be able to get your guests out of the door in a timely manner.

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