How to prepare your downtown Detroit loft for the holidays

December 12, 2018 | Detroit Seasons

The holiday season is officially upon us. Aside from the carefully chosen presents, delicious food, and spirited drinks, the holidays are also known for time spent with family and friends. Loved ones travel near and far to spend quality time with one another as they prepare for the dawn of a new year and a clean slate.

Because we typically see an influx of visitors during the holiday season, we often also see an influx of stress, especially in regard to preparing our homes for this busy season. Fortunately, holiday-season preparation does not have to be a stressful ordeal. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your downtown Detroit loft for the holidays:

Keep Seating in Mind
Luxury apartments in Detroit come with an array of amenities. However, even the most spacious of homes will not accommodate guests without ample seating. During the holidays, you will likely have more visitors than you have at other times of the year. Make sure that your loft is equipped with many places where guests can sit comfortably.

Prioritize the Bathroom
High-traffic areas should take priority when you are preparing your loft for the holidays. One room that every guest uses is the bathroom. By paying special attention to the bathroom and by making sure that it decorated in an elegant and inviting way, your guests will feel welcome and comfortable. Fresh flower arrangements, scented candles, and nice hand creams, soaps, and lotions are all special touches that can provide an extra level of elegance to your space.

Consider a Bar
There is something to be said about loft living. It provides a different aesthetic to traditional homes; take advantage of that feeling. Arrange a bar with vintage glassware and greenery with an array of liquors and spirits so that guests feel just as fancy as your loft looks.

Set Your Table
Use table settings as additional holiday decorations. Light candles and choose your table runner, linens, and placemats in a way that makes your guests feel special. Be wary of using too many decorative objects, as you do not want to obstruct your guests’ views from one another; something that can inhibit conversations and makes for placing serving platters on the table rather difficult.

Don’t Overlook Convenience
When preparing your loft for the holidays, sometimes it can be easy to become so focused on the décor that you forget about convenience. While aesthetics are important, if guests feel inconvenienced, décor does not matter. Make sure guests have a place to hang their coats and scarves, as well as a place to put their wet winter boots. Additionally, make sure that any home projects that are partially completed are fully completed before your guests arrive.

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