How to Deodorize a Room and Keep Your Apartment Smelling Fresh

July 03, 2020 | Apartment Living
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Living downtown is exciting. Whether you have a place at the Lofts of Merchants Row or hang your hat at one of the other nice departments in Detroit, you get to enjoy the sights and sounds of a vibrant city.

But beyond the sights and sounds, what about the smells? The ones inside your apartment, that is. Even in a beautiful residential space, the odors of daily living can embed themselves. Worse yet, the longer you live with persistent odors, the more nose blind you become to them. You don’t notice, but your guests might.

Here are some tips for solving odor problems and keeping your apartment fresh:


Ever come back to your apartment after being away for a week, and the place smells like the inside of an Egyptian tomb? All closed up, your apartment traps the odors normally given off by everything in your home.

The obvious solution is opening the windows and letting in fresh air. If weather prevents this, try some organic hacks. Some people use sliced lemons as a natural deodorizer, or put a dab of sweet, essential oil on lightbulbs. When a lamp is switched on, the bulb heats up and spreads a nice fragrance.


Think of your carpet as a sponge. It loves to absorb food spills, which can produce enduring odors even when you’ve worked like the devil to scrub them out.

Baking soda has near-miraculous properties for removing odor from carpets (in fact, some commercial products for this purpose are mainly baking soda). Sprinkle it generously on your carpet, let it stand a few hours, then vacuum thoroughly.

Kitchen Odors

Any place you’ve got food, scraps, garbage and leftovers, you’ll have potential odor problems.

We shouldn’t have to tell you to take out the garbage early and often.

For a smelly fridge, placing a box of baking soda inside again works wonders, and in a matter of days. An open container of unused coffee grounds can yield similar results.

Is there a stench coming from your garbage disposal? Food residue built up in the mechanism can stink. Dump a cup of ice cubes into the disposal, start it up, and follow with a half cup of kosher salt, a natural abrasive cleanser. This combination works great to remove slimy residue. Citrus peels in the disposal can also help clean the blades and create a fresh scent. Regular flushing with hot water while the disposal is running keeps residue from forming.

Mold and Mildew

Does your apartment have the damp musties? Mold and mildew are to blame, and moisture is the key. Even in luxury apartments for rent in Michigan, this can be a problem.

Look in the kitchen, bath and laundry for places water is being absorbed and held, like bath towels and bath mats, under sinks and behind shower tiles. Clean the area thoroughly with a fungicidal agent. If you’re going au naturel, try a mixture of vinegar and tea tree oil. Place a container of baking soda (of course), charcoal or even kitty litter nearby to absorb the smell if it persists.

Of course, if you have a serious mold issue, it can cause real health problems. Notify your building’s management and get professional advice.

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