How to decorate the empty corners in your downtown Detroit loft

November 25, 2018 | Apartment Living
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One of the most exciting things about loft living is when you can finally stop your search for luxury apartments in Detroit, sign your lease, and begin decorating. As is always the case, once furniture has been set up and décor has been meticulously placed, there comes the realization that your apartment is actually larger than you realized, and you do not have enough décor to go around; an even harder realization is that, when it comes to filling up certain spaces, like empty corners, finding décor that works well can be tricky. Here’s how to properly decorate empty corners once you have settled into your new loft:

Create a Reading Nook
A corner bookcase is a great way to fill in an empty corner space and increase storage space in your apartment. Placing a corner bookcase, along with a small reading chair, into an empty corner can turn it into a tiny, peaceful getaway.

Become a Barista
If you can’t start your day without a caffeine fix, consider installing a corner shelf and creating a coffee station. This will also open up counter-space in your kitchen. If coffee is not your go-to, this same rule can be applied to a tea station or a cocktail-mixing area.

Hang Your Favorite Wardrobe Pieces
If you are lacking closet space and have some wardrobe pieces that complement the rest of your home’s color scheme, consider a corner clothing rack. Pair that with a full-length floor mirror and you have a walk-in “closet” that doubles as a piece of practical décor.

Add Storage
Keep an eye out for a corner cabinet that features bold colors or modern, unique designs. IKEA is known for its space-saving pieces of furniture and has a host of corner cabinets that are eye-catching as well as convenient. Floating shelves are another way to add storage without taking up floor-space. If you have an unused corner in your kitchen, for example, consider adding a “floating” pantry for more room.

Work from Home
A corner desk is another great way to fill up empty corners in your apartment. If you work remotely, there are larger corner desks available. If you simply need an area for writing correspondence or paying those dreaded bills, a smaller corner desk would work wonderfully.

Get a Green Thumb
If the corner area is too small for furniture, utilize leafy plants. Arrange them in different heights by using stools and shelves to create a multi-dimensional, natural effect. An added bonus to filling your apartment with greenery is that greens act as air-purifiers. If you have a pet, make sure that the plants used are pet-friendly.

Become an Art Collector
A gallery wall is another great idea for unused corners in your loft. Find pieces that complement one another, as well as the rest of your home’s aesthetic, in different sizes and display them from floor to ceiling. To make your gallery wall not as pricey, use printed art and purchase frames from a local craft store.

The Lofts of Merchants Row is not unaware of some of the challenges that accompany decorating Detroit luxury apartments. Fortunately, with these decorating tips in mind, it is possible to fill every inch of your loft with something that reflects your taste and personality.

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