How to baby-proof your downtown Detroit loft

November 18, 2018 | Apartment Living
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When shopping for luxury apartments in Detroit, many renters that are looking to grow their families may have some concerns about how to baby-proof a rental loft. With more and more people deciding on renting versus buying, this is a popular and warranted concern. Fortunately, loft living does not have to be unsafe for your bundle of joy. Here are a few simple tips that can help loft-dwellers baby-proof their downtown Detroit lofts:

Delegate “Danger” Zones
Babies are naturally curious beings. Once they have the ability to crawl, exploration is a big part of their daily lives. Purchasing pressure-mounted baby gates to install around your loft is an essential part of the baby-proofing process. Pressure-mounted gates do not require screwing pieces into walls, which is great for rentals that do not allow for anything to be added to the walls. Fortunately, most landlords will allow for hard-mounted baby gates as long as the holes from the gate are filled and repainted after your lease is up.

Secure Cabinets
Exploration does not just refer to crawling or walking about the apartment. Cabinets are magnets for babies as they are easy to open and filled with all sorts of new and exciting things. Unfortunately, most of the things we fill our cabinets with are not suitable for babies as they are either choking hazards or are laden with harsh chemicals. Try to keep cleaning supplies out of arm’s reach if you can and remember to secure your cabinets using magnetic locks or adhesive straps. Make your lower cabinets places for pots, pans, and plastic storage containers. Store medical supplies, cleaning supplies, fragile items, and anything that can be easily put into your baby’s mouth in cabinets that are high and more difficult to get to.

Don’t Neglect Windows
When setting up your nursery, make sure that your baby’s crib is not near a window and consider moving any of your loft’s furniture that is climbable away from windows. Window guards are an option if your landlord allows for the installation. Further, when opening windows to let some natural air in, do not open them fully. Make sure that the opening is smaller than the size of your baby’s head.

Cover Outlets & Edges
All electrical outlets that are floor-level should have an outlet cover applied. If it is an outlet that is in constant use, like an outlet that the television is plugged into, make sure that it is blocked and cannot be accessed without having to move a heavy piece of furniture. Further, locate all sharp edges in the home. Coffee table edges, various sharp edges of furniture, etc., should all be covered with safety guards.

Move House Plants
Often forgotten about in the baby-proofing process are house plants. Kids love playing in the dirt and they love putting various things into their mouths even more. Move your house plants off of the floor and out of arm’s reach for your baby.

Baby-proofing Detoit luxury apartments does not have to be a pain. The Lofts of Merchants Row is the perfect place to raise a family. By taking these loft baby-proofing tips to heart you can ensure that your loft is safe, secure, and ready for all-things-baby.

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