How My Downtown Detroit Loft Helps Me Sleep Better

April 10, 2020 | Detroit

If you know me, you know I love my sleep—and especially my naps.

Today, my Downtown Detroit Loft interrupted my nap. And that is why I sleep better.

Because the reason they woke me up was that they were cleaning the doorknob to my loft.

Not just the hallway, the elevator, the lobby, and the front door to the whole building, but my actual doorknob.

And they’ve been doing this regularly since Michigan went to stay-at-home to protect as many people as possible from being exposed while being out and about during these challenging times.

I know because Little Dog, who isn’t used to hearing someone at the door when I am at home (it’s a secure building with controlled entry so you never have an unexpected guest), runs to the door when she hears them cleaning the doorknob.

Today, a Friday, and a holiday for many, they were sanitizing the individual door handles and hallways at 5:15 p.m.

Which means, even when I am ‘off the clock’ (and napping!), they are working to keep me safe.

They are taking the time and effort to sanitize a doorknob that only I touch—but which they realize I touch after I have been outside, so, essentially, they’re protecting me from possibly infecting me…

Which is why I wasn’t upset that I woke up from my nap when Little Dog ran to the door, and why I slept even better when I realized what was happening.

Instead I thought about how the last time someone looked out for me like that in my own home—giving up their evenings, weekends, and holidays to make sure I was safe—was back when my parents would come in to tuck me in at night.

And, just like back then, I fell right back asleep—and slept even sounder for knowing someone cared that much about my well-being.

Right now, there are so many people I do not know but who I am so thankful for who are looking out for me. First-responders, nurses, doctors, grocery store workers, delivery truck drivers, farmers, sanitation workers—the list could just go on and on, including you who are reading this.

So, thank you to all responders, thank you, and thanks to my Downtown Detroit Loft’s management and maintenance staff.

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