Host & Hostess Gifts that Call Detroit ‘Home’!

December 27, 2016 | Detroit

The Holiday Season carries on for a few more weeks, and while the emphasis is often on shopping until you drop for those big-ticket items, it’s also important to thank your family and friends for inviting you to their home—and what better way to do that than to give them a taste of your home!

Naughty or Nice? Sugar or Spice? Why not go with both?

Gifting your host or hostess (or treating your own guests) to jars of Gus and Grey Jams & Jellies! With sweet selections like Blackberry Bourbon Vanilla Jam, Peach Brown Sugar Jam, and Drunken Fig Jam, and savory selections like Smoked Garlic-Tomatillo Jam, Orange Habanero Jam, and Ghost Pepper Jam you’re sure to satisfy every taste!

Pile it on, literally, by gifting (or setting out) fresh-made bread from Avalon International Breads—their ‘Fancy Pants Breads’ “pair well with anything”—and, I might add, can also fly solo! I would recommend loaves of Paradise Valley Raisin Pecan (named after the Hub of African American Commerce and Culture in mid-20th century Detroit, this Avalon classic heralds dark, sweet Organic Raisins and Southern Pecans) and Greektown Olive Bread (Salty and Briny Kalamata Olives rolled into…gorgeous Rustic Italian Bread).

And then give your host or hostess (or your guests) something to wash all this deliciousness down with by packing or putting out a Growler from the Detroit Beer Company. Savor the flavor of their Detroit Beer Experiment: Sweet Potato Porter (5.2% ABV  20 IBU, their “People Mover Porter Recipe Brewed with Spiced Sweet Potato Puree Made by our Collaboration Partners at Sweet Potato Sensations”) and sweeten everyone’s day with Broke Down Honey Brown (5.5% ABV  15 IBU, their “Malty Brown Ale Brewed with Specialty Malts to Give it a Subtle Honey Flavor).

Nothing sets the table, or says ‘Thank You,’ like something from your heart and home, so this Holiday Season show your appreciation for your Hosts, your Guests, and the City You Love!


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