Home Games (Literally): Sunday Funday + Football = WIN!!

April 17, 2019 | Detroit

One perk of living in a Downtown Detroit luxury loft is that you don’t have to plan ahead to have fun.

On any given day, there’s a concert, a play, a new eatery, or (one of your many) favorite bar(s) offering extended Happy Hours.

It’s ALL always ‘happening’ Downtown.

And on any given Sunday, I also know where I’ll be. Every day of the year I can see Ford Field from my loft windows. And once the NFL season starts, I get an even closer seat to all the action as a season ticket member.

Living just a couple of blocks from the stadium, I don’t have to plan my gameday. I get up, throw on my Lions gear (which I can get even at the very last minute from Under Armor and Nike—because both are on my first floor), take Little Dog for a walk (so she can scout the field—always finding the ‘tail’-gates with the best grilling going on), and then head out to meet up with friends before kickoff.

But tonight I am planning—or at least the NFL is doing it for me—as the 2019 season schedule is released….

I already know I’m going to see Patricia go head-to-head with the Patriots preseason and I’m going to get some Friday Night Lights with the Bills preseason televised game.

I’ll also be seeing the Chargers, the Chiefs, the Vikings, the Giants, Dallas, Da Bears, the Bucs, and the Pack, all here at home.

Really, literally, my home.

Because, like I said, I can see it right from my loft windows—from the time I get up in the morning until I mosey on over to Ford Field (a five-minute walk from my front door) to take my seat for gameday in Detroit!

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