Having a Baby in an Apartment: Two Bedrooms are a Must

September 09, 2018 | Apartment Living
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Spacious loft living is fine when you’re young, single, and just starting out on your career path.  When you take the next step and move in with a partner, it’s only natural to start looking for larger, one-bedroom Detroit luxury apartments that offer more privacy and separation of living spaces.

Of course, a one-bedroom simply won’t do when you’ve tied the knot and there’s a baby on the way.  When your family expands, so too must your living arrangements.  You might think it’s wise to keep a newborn in a crib at the foot of your bed, but babies grow faster than you think, and they accumulate an alarming amount of clothing and toys thanks to well-meaning family members and friends.

What you’ll quickly discover is that even a relatively spacious bedroom isn’t designed to accommodate three people (or two and a half, as the case may be).  Here are a few reasons why you really need to start looking at attractive 2-bedroom apartments like those at The Lofts of Merchants Row if you want to continue enjoying the convenience of downtown living and luxury apartments in Detroit once your baby arrives.

Reduce Clutter

Having a baby in a one-bedroom apartment means parents have to share their sleeping space with a newborn.  This might not seem terrible when you place a bassinet at the foot of the bed, but when you have to upgrade to a crib and the baby’s dresser and changing table start competing with your own furniture, your bedroom will quickly become cramped, cluttered, and even hazardous.

That’s not even including extras like clothing, blankets, toys, books, and all the accoutrements that babies require.  If you want to keep your bedroom from looking like an episode of Hoarders in short order, it’s time to start hunting for luxury 2-bedroom apartments designed to suit the needs of your growing family.

Get Your Zees

If you’re lucky, your infant will start sleeping 4-6 hours at a stretch before too long.  If you’re like most new parents, though, you’re going to get woken up every couple of hours for feedings.  When you have your newborn with you in the bedroom, both parents are going to wake up every time, and this is hardly necessary (or conducive to marital bliss).

When you have a second bedroom to use as a nursery, parents can work in shifts so that each enjoys an extended period of sleep before it is once again their turn to manage a feeding.  This will make for happier, more attentive parents, and likely a happier and more well-adjusted baby.

Give Baby Room to Grow

Babies grow faster than you can imagine, and soon they’ll be toddlers and children in need of a larger bed, more storage space, and room to crawl, walk, and play.  An already cramped one-bedroom apartment just won’t serve your needs as your child grows, so you might as well make the move to a 2-bedroom apartment now so you have time to settle in and decorate in preparation of bringing home the newest member of your family.

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