Gambling for charity in Detroit

April 18, 2011 | Detroit Giving Back

If you’ve ever taken a stroll downtown to one of our three world-class casinos, a new development in Detroit may be of interest. Though the thrill and hope of winning keeps drawing us to MotorCity Casino, MGM and Greektown, a new charitably-focused option has emerged.

A fun way to give back to the community while also feeding your passion for rolling the dice or playing a game of Hold ‘Em – is coming your way via a charity casino housed inside the St. Regis Hotel on West Grand Boulevard in the New Center area.  According to WWJ, 50 percent of profits from the casino will be returned to charities in the area.

The casino will operate under the Bingo Act, allowing charitable gambling, though benefiting non-profits will be required to apply for a license under Michigan law.  Any not for profit organization in the area can apply and hold up to four events per year, allowing plenty of opportunity to draw chance-takers for a good cause.

The full-service casino plans to have slot machines, blackjack, poker, roulette and many of the staple moneymakers of everyday casino life. Governed by the Michigan State Lottery Charitable and Gaming Division, the unnamed casino has already selected 20 charities to benefit from patrons looking to cash in.

No official grand opening date is set yet, but we’ll keep you updated as to when you can finally feel good about “losing” a little money to worthwhile causes.

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