Freelancers and Entrepreneurs Can’t Get Enough of Bamboo Detroit

March 05, 2018 | Detroit Business
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With the flexibility of laptops and WiFi, the growth of a remote labor force, and a recent surge in entrepreneurial endeavors, people in cities all over the country are on the hunt for new places to work. Many freelancers work from coffee shops, libraries, or from home, but these locations are not the most fruitful for collaboration. Rather than writing from your luxury apartment in Detroit, co-working spaces, like Bamboo Detroit, are stepping up to provide new options.

Just a few short years ago, Bamboo Detroit co-founder, Amanda Lewan, was working from coffee shops as a freelance writer. She would have preferred to work in an office, but renting one on her own was out of her price range. Out of this problem came an idea: she, along with some other Detroit-based entrepreneurs, decided to a form a business that would rent small and/or temporary office spaces to individuals and small businesses.

Co-working has become a popular trend, both in Detroit and across the country.

The name Bamboo Detroit comes from the bamboo plant itself: it takes a long time for a bamboo seed to sprout, but when it does, a sturdy and robust bamboo plant grows very quickly. This is just what happened for Bamboo Detroit.

When Bamboo Detroit first got started, they offered just one 2300 square foot, open floor plan workspace. Bamboo Detroit now operates out of a 10,000 square foot space in the Julian C. Madison building. This location–1420 Washington Blvd. in downtown Detroit–provides office space to 215 members. This new location, which just opened on January 1, is not far from the apartments at The Lofts of Merchant Row. Around half of Bamboo Detroit members are women, and more than half are minorities, with ages averaging from 35 to 45.

The new space has private offices, community workspaces, and conference rooms. Bamboo Detroit members have access to fast Internet, printing, coffee and tea, and a stable mailing address. They also get some added perks, like free tickets to Bamboo Detroit special events.

Renting a space at Bamboo Detroit is perfect for individuals and small businesses, because it is affordable. For a single worker, office spaces at Bamboo Detroit are available for as low as $150 per month. For two people, this price goes up to $800 per month, and for 6-8 people the price is $1600 per month.

The benefits of joining a co-working space like Bamboo Detroit extend far past the use of high-speed Internet. The most lucrative and beneficial aspect to working around other entrepreneurs is having access to potential collaborators and employees. Bamboo Detroit is a generative space where ideas can thrive.

Many businesses working out of Bamboo Detroit have become extremely successful, and often these businesses located co-founders, collaborators, and workers right under that downtown Detroit roof. If you are a freelancer or entrepreneur, there is no need to squeeze a desk into your Detroit luxury apartment. Enjoy loft living at home, and consider moving to a fun, collaborative, and encouraging environment for work.

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