Food Storage Tips and Tricks for Small Apartment Kitchens

July 17, 2020 | Apartment Living
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One of the perks of loft living is the feeling of space. Typically high ceilings, with windows that let in lots of natural light, create an airy, roomy atmosphere. But that may not always translate to storage space, especially in the kitchen. Many kitchens, even in Detroit luxury apartments, are pretty compact, and storage for food, as well as cookware and appliances, is limited.

If you have less storage in your apartment kitchen than you’d like (and who doesn’t?), have no fear. There are ways to make the most of what you have.

Clear out the Clutter

Your kitchen cabinets may be crowded with food items you no longer use and may be beyond their freshness dates. Toss them, then make it a policy to only buy what you need for a reasonable period of time. Place new, unopened items in the back of the cabinet and the current stuff up front, so you’re not hunting so much.

Add Shelves

You probably have a lot of unused airspace in your cabinets, especially on shelves housing smaller items, like spices. The cabinets may have shelf pin holes to accommodate additional factory-made shelves, or you can buy coated wire mini-shelves to serve the same purpose. And small racks can be attached to the inside of cabinet doors for even more storage.

Add Drawers to Cabinets

Deep cabinets are a pain, because to the use the space you have to reach way in, past other items, to find what you want. Consider installing the rolling drawer organizers that are commercially available, or simply use canvas baskets or plastic bins that you can move in and out easily. You’ll be able to use more of that deep space.

When in Doubt, Go Up

In many luxury apartments in Detroit, abundant vertical space is an attractive feature and a possible source of additional storage. Look for vertical space in the kitchen that’s not being used, such as over the sink. You might be able to place an extra shelf there. The top of cabinets can also be good for storing non-food items, so you can free up room in your lower cabinets for edibles.

Nooks and Crannies

There are spaces you probably don’t even think about using for storage. For example, that space between the counter and the refrigerator might make room for a slender, rolling rack for canned goods. Check sites like Pinterest for ideas. If a kitchen space can be exploited, somebody’s probably figured out how—and there might be ready-made, commercial products that fit the bill.

Move Some Food Items Elsewhere

There’s no law that says everything food- or cooking-related has to be stored in the kitchen. If you have storage available elsewhere in your apartment, maybe you could store non-perishables or bulk foodstuffs there, and transfer them to the kitchen as needed. Also, alcoholic beverages could be transferred to your dining or entertaining areas, housed in an appropriate cabinet. You may find your kitchen to be less crowded and more efficient as a result.

As with any improvement to a rental apartment, make sure your building management approves of the changes you make in your kitchen.

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