Experience Life in Detroit as a VIP—and Check Out the VI Peel Event at Boyd Beauty!

April 28, 2019 | Detroit

I moved to Downtown Detroit before the city began its recent resurgence. But The Lofts of Merchants Row had a vision of my building restored to its original beauty, and they created—and keep up—the luxury lofts I live in. They understand the importance of appearances, and that value is more than surface deep. From the day I moved in, I have been treated to Resident Events, have had access to free laundry facilities and other building amenities, and have had every concern I have had or repair I have needed—even the most minor—dealt with immediately and with the utmost professionalism.

Boyd Detroit has the same vision: seeing and maintaining the beauty of all their clients while treating everyone as a VIP—literally, in the case of their ‘VI Peel’ event this week! The VI Peel is just one of Boyd Beauty’s many custom peels and treatments, and actually has three versions: the Original, the Precision Booster, and the Precision Plus Booster. As with any treatment you receive at Boyd Beauty, a MedSpa specialist will take all your concerns into consideration, do a thorough assessment of your skin, and advise you as to what is the best for you to maintain the beauty of your skin.

And on Thursday, May 2, from 4 until 6 p.m., while the MedSpa professionals at Boyd will be on hand for questions and consultations, they will also be treating everyone like a true VIP with Champagne and Light Bites (at the last event, these were from Eatòri Market, and they were delish!!). So you can hobnob and nosh in Boyd’s beautifully appointed spa, where state-of-the-art technology is interspersed with actual art and showcases exquisite sculptures.

Stop in and you can also score swag! The first guests will receive a Spring Swag Bag—which, true to everything Boyd does for its clients, is a “Custom Spring Swag Bag”—with deluxe samples and exclusive offers. But everyone will be eligible for special promotions, discounts, and a raffle for a complimentary VI Peel!

But the truth is, you don’t need a special event, an appointment for a personalized consultation, or even a reason to drop by Boyd Beauty. Just ask Little Dog. On our daily walks around the block, she stops at their door every time—because while Brittney and Michael greet everyone with a warm smile, Little Dog thinks the VIP (Very Important Pup) Treatment is just for her. And, really, I can’t think of anything that speaks more to the fact that Boyd Beauty sees each client not as a customer, but as a person—a neighbor and a friend who they not only take care of but who they truly care for…

It’s the same top-of-the-line value I saw in my luxury loft when I first moved in a decade ago. And it’s the same attention to detail, and care and consideration for me as a person and my needs, that has made me stay here and call Detroit home. Having Boyd Beauty so close-by is just one more Very Important Perk of being in a Downtown Detroit luxury loft and living a truly beautiful life!

Don’t Miss the Boyd Beauty VI Peel Event, Thursday, May 2, from 4 until 6 p.m.!

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