Effective soundproofing hacks for your apartment

November 22, 2018 | Apartment Living
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Unless you live in a remote location, chances are you have experienced the noise that can accompany city-living. From garbage trucks and ambulances to car horns and the chatter of pedestrians, noise can easily infiltrate your otherwise peaceful living space. Nice apartments in Detroit are no exception. With that being said, noise should not deter you from searching for luxury apartments for rent in Michigan. Here are a few effective soundproofing hacks for your apartment that will help drown out excess noise:

When you live in a loft or apartment, you share a hallway with your neighbors. You likely know when your neighbor across the hall sets off on his 5:00 AM run or when the couple down the hall gets into an argument over someone watching a favorite show without the other. In order to cut down on the hallway noise, weatherproofing your front door is essential. Sealing air leaks and adding a door sweep will not only help soundproof your apartment, but will help cut down on dust, bugs, and drafts as well.

Rug Padding
If you have an apartment with wood floors, you likely have rugs strewn about your space. While rugs do help eliminate unwanted sounds, adding a density rug pad underneath your rug will help to further eliminate sounds.

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Apartment-living means that you will likely be sharing at least one wall with your neighbor. Adding a floor-to-ceiling bookcase to the shared wall is a smart way to muffle the noise on the other side of the wall. Additionally, it makes for added storage space without taking up too much room.

Window Inserts
To help block out street noise, window inserts can be installed over windows in a way that blocks sound without blocking your view. In fact, the seals can reduce noise by over 50%. An added bonus is that there are window inserts available that are renter-friendly and that do not require permanent installation.

Purchase Soundproof Curtains
While heavy at around 15 pounds, soundproof curtains absorb outside noise and are perfect additions to windows that face busy city streets.

Rethink Your Rugs
Rugs are meant for the floor, right? Well, not necessarily. Rugs are great for soundproofing an apartment and can be hung on walls to assist in toning down unwanted noises. Because noise tends to bounce off of hard surfaces, covering hard surfaces in your apartment with soft materials is a great soundproofing option. You can even install a shag rug to your ceiling for added design and further soundproofing.

Draft Blockers
If certain rooms in your apartment are noisier than others (for example, if your partner or child is a musician), using draft blockers can help soundproof rooms. Draft blockers are inserted in the space under doors and prevent, not only a draft from entering the room, but sound from fully exiting the room as well.

Located in the center of it all, the Lofts of Merchants Row is within walking distance to some of Detroit’s most exciting attractions. You should never have to sacrifice sleep for proximity. The Lofts of Merchants Row is the perfect place to test out these new apartment soundproofing hacks.

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