Looking for an Apartment in Detroit?

Get one near Detroit’s Entertainment Playground, the city is home to the second largest theater district in the nation! Also, be sure to explore the more than 300 Restaurants and Bars, which are known to serve some of the best varieties of food, drinks and entertainment. Downtown Detroit is now able to offer its residents the luxury and convenience of being able to live right in the middle of all the action by renting one of these all-inclusive Detroit apartments.

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Abundant Space & Natural Light

These particular Loft apartments, located in Downtown Detroit on Woodward Avenue, offer a variety of features that are sure to please even the most finicky people. Not only because of the fantastic variety of different unique layouts, but because these Detroit apartments offer a certain lifestyle that only the urban core of a big city can provide.

Close to Hospitals & Universities

This is a fantastic choice for residents with a close proximity to the DMC, Henry Ford, and St. John Hospital! Wayne State University College (mid-town Detroit), Marygrove College, and Wayne County Community College are all close to Detroit’s Downtown area while the College for Creative Studies is located inside Detroit’s Cultural Center.

Beautiful, Serene Neighborhoods

Visualize yourself in one of these downtown Detroit apartments… you’ll not only be living in one of the most beautiful and exquisite loft apartments available on the local market, you’ll also have access to stunning downtown Detroit, which offers a way of living that can compare to no other.

Great Lifestyle

Now visualize yourself actually living in one of these luxurious apartments. See the vaulted ceilings arching overhead, feel the breeze blowing across your balcony and through your open sliding-glass door and hear the white noise of the urban core telling you that life is happening right outside your window.