Do you know Detroit? Really?

April 12, 2010 | Detroit

Going around town, it’s discouraging when we hear people claim, “there’s nothing to do in Detroit,” or “nobody’s doing business in the city.” The gap between perception and reality amazes us, as we do business in the city and help our residents on a daily basis see the best of Detroit.

As far as doing business, just last year Detroit opened the Rosa Parks Transit Center at the corner of Cass and Michigan avenues, serving Detroit and the suburbs with mass bus transit. And future plans for a light rail system will only continue to strengthen our city, coupled with solid leadership and an increasingly efficient public school system.

On the entertainment side, there’s no shortage either. A brisk 10-minute walk from the building in any direction nets you amazing sites aforementioned such as Ford Field, Comerica Park and the Joe Louis Arena. Beyond those Detroit staples, the Detroit auto show at Cobo, Thanksgiving Day Parade on Woodward, Detroit Free Press marathon and the Fox Theatre and Fillmore provide great downtown events within walking distance.

Newer offerings, such as the Detroit Breakfast House and the hidden gem Good Girls go to Paris Creperie (a delightful midday treat right on Woodward) keep us loving our city and all it offers.

Later in the day, if you’re into the nightlife in a big city, more than 125 bars and restaurants can be found within a 1-mile radius of the Lofts property. No worries of driving, parking, risking a DUI, you’re able to enjoy your evening problem-free.

And those are just some of the benefits of living in the city. We’ll re-visit the added perks of Lofts living on Woodward.

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