Different ways to make your college apartment more study-friendly

December 17, 2018 | Detroit Education
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As any college student knows, having a routine in place when it comes to studying is not only helpful, it’s necessary. Balancing an assortment of classes that have their own set test schedules, research paper deadlines, and copious amounts of homework is no easy feat.
In order to feel some sense of ease, having a study-friendly apartment is key; while the library is an option, sometimes you just want to study in the comfort of your own home. Here are a few different ways that college students can turn their Detroit luxury apartments into prime study hubs:

Designate Your “Spot”
Everyone requires a different study environment. Some people prefer compete silence and solitude. Other people find that they study more efficiently in a common area like the dining room. Find a space in your apartment that matches your study style. Be sure to keep this area separate from areas with distractions like the living room.

Invest in a Good Chair
As a college student, you are no stranger to sitting. When it’s crunch time (i.e. midterms and finals), you likely spend a great deal of your time sitting at a desk, studying feverishly. In order to remain as comfortable as possible, and to ensure that your joints remain healthy and ache-free, it is important to invest in a quality chair that is the appropriate height for your desk. Ergonomic chairs, for example, have been shown to greatly reduce low back pain; this, in turn, equates to more overall productivity.

Utilize Lighting
Contrary to what many classrooms feature, fluorescent lighting is not ideal for studying. Natural light is the best kind of lighting for alertness and overall concentration. If you can, situate your desk by a window for ample amounts of natural light. Additionally, if you prefer studying late at night or in the early morning, purchase a desk lamp and a bulb that mimics natural light.

Decorate Your Space
It is easier to spend hours in a room if you enjoy being in said room. Decorate your designated study space in a way that will provide you with comfort, joy, and ease while you are tackling a stressful paper. Utilize calming colors and greenery and avoid loud colors or busy, distracting art displays.

Tidy Up
Make sure that your study space is always tidy. While your area should be decorated in a calming yet invigorating way, be sure not to over-clutter your study space. Clutter is a common anxiety-inducer. In order to remain calm and centered while you are studying, it is important that your study space is always kept clean and clutter-free. A good study tip is to make cleaning this area a priority when you know that you have a big test coming up; by tidying up ahead of time, you can easily check this off of your pre-test to-do list.

At The Lofts of Merchants Row, our luxury apartments in Detroit make for fantastic study spaces. If you want all of the benefits of loft living paired with the ability to study in a stress-free environment, look no further than The Lofts of Merchants Row.

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