Detroiters making a difference

April 30, 2010 | Detroit

Following up on our blog earlier this week about Mayor Bing’s response to the recent Dateline NBC piece, we wanted to share some of our favorite ways to give back to the city and do our part in helping. With a metro area population of nearly five million, numerous nonprofits organizations exist to assist those in need while providing an opportunity for those looking to give back to the community and help others.

Those looking to help feed the hungry in the area may find Gleaners Community Food Bank, located in Detroit, an ideal volunteer opportunity. A neighborhood food bank that serves the entire metro area, Gleaners is always in need of volunteers to help distribute food. No one should go to bed hungry nor wonder where they will find their next meal.

From the kitchen to the classroom, City Year Detroit focuses directly on helping kids stay in school and succeed. Another Detroit-based nonprofit, volunteers at City Year pledge a year to serve as a mentor and role model while also learning leadership skills and making lifelong friendships.

 And in the Motor City, even your old car can help improve someone’s life. With job opportunities scarce and scattered and mass transit not always a viable option, having a reliable vehicle can often mean the difference between employment and being unemployable. Charity Motors will pick up your car and you receive a tax deduction. Meanwhile, the organization’s mechanics fix it up and sell it, at a greatly reduced rate, to impoverished families in the area. 

What are some of your favorite nonprofits and/or volunteer opportunities in the area?

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