Detroit Bark City…Snapshots of A Dog’s Life (of Luxury) in The D!

March 07, 2018 | Detroit
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So, by now, you may have realized that Little Dog’s only contribution to our FBF (Furry Best Friend) relationship is ‘being cute.’

I’ll admit. She’s kind of nailed this.

But before you give her too much credit for this, please know, she has a team of people working for her.

Really. Beyoncé has nothing on my Borkie.

First, we no longer have to drive to the vet for examinations and check-ups. PetCalls comes to us. Yes. Their team of veterinarians perform house-calls. Or Loft calls. Whatever. It means that whether we have an unexpected issue or scheduled shot, they show up at our door. And they bring doggie-treats. Really. Think about this like your doctor or dentist shows up at your house, when you asked them to, and that they also bring you a burger or steak. It’s kind of beautiful. (And so is not having to put Little Dog in a car, drive her to the vet, wait for the appointment, and then drive her home and cater to her every canine desire out of guilt. Sigh.)

Second, she looks as cute as she does because someone else cleans her up well. And they do this in my home. Yes, LC’s Mobile Pet Spa comes to my loft and bathes and grooms my little Grrr-inch without a single Grrr-owl. It’s a #WinWin without a single whine that I don’t have to put her in the car to get her Red-Carpet Ready!

Okay, and since I like her looking a little mussed-up and messy, I can cover all my canine necessities by taking her to City Bark to get her nails trimmed every other Friday. This en-tails (#sorrynotsorry pun) a less-than-two-minute walk from my Downtown Detroit Luxury Loft!

While we’re there, we can sniff out some tasty snacks (it’s like everyone gets a trophy, even if they haven’t really earned that treat).

I can get food, leashes, and all sorts of other Pup-Paraphernalia there—and while Little Dog has been my FBF for a solid decade now, I often run into new pet owners, who have seen how easy it is to have a dog in Downtown Detroit, getting tips and toys for their new FBF!

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