Customizing Life in Detroit: An Event that Celebrates the City that Suits Everyone!

March 15, 2019 | Detroit

One of my favorite parts living in Downtown Detroit loft is that when friends come to visit, I get to ‘curate’ their experience of the city based on what I know they love. There’s so much going on and so many different places to go, while all of them are coming to ‘The 3-1-3’, it’s always a slightly ‘different’ city I show to my guests. And, truth be told, it’s not the same city for me day after day. Depending on my mood, I can always find something to do that is exactly what I need!

So when I find out a friend is coming to The D, I review what I know about them and survey them (literally) on what they like so I can choose the best places for us to eat at, the best hotspots for us to hit up, the best museums for us to meander, the best sporting event for us to show our team spirit at, the best concert for us to check out… The list goes on and on. And, through it, I constantly get to learn more about my friends and myself—while having an incredible time!

Which is why the philosophy of Boyd Detroit—and their upcoming Custom D.O.S.E event this Thursday, March 21—is so perfectly in sync with what is so wonderful about life in Detroit!

Boyd Beauty’s MedSpa professionals will ‘survey’ your skin (with a diagnostic that determines the specific formula for your needs) and then use the D.O.S.E system to mix a customized serum that is uniquely your own. In other words, rather than skincare that is off-the-shelf, you get top-shelf! Just like you do when you live, work, or play in Downtown Detroit!

And Boyd Beauty recognizes that not only are we not all looking for the same thing as everyone else, we’re not always the same person we were yesterday—just like I can change up what I do from Gameday to Greektown depending on my mood on any given day because I live in a Downtown Detroit loft and new spots are always opening!—so after three months, your serum is adjusted just for you.

And just like I can go experience a different city 365 days a year, Boyd Beauty’s D.O.S.E system is based on scientific research on 250 different combinations of needs and options!

At the same time, I have favorites, like Eatori, which will be catering the event at Boyd! Eatori is also a perfect combination—both market and bar/eatery—for all your wants and needs when you live, work, or play in Downtown Detroit!

So, from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. on March 21st, I will get to enjoy incredible light bites and champagne from Eatori while the Boyd Beauty MedSpa professionals survey my skin to find out exactly what I need, and receive 20% Custom D.O.S.E for the night and 15% off all SkinCeuticals products, and be entered into a raffle for a complimentary Oxygen Facial….

But, really, I’ve already won. Because I live in a Downtown Detroit loft, where on any given night, I can experience exactly the city I need and want on that day, and I have neighbors like Boyd Beauty and Eatori just around the corner from me who are continuously curating a day that is 100% made for me in the 3-1-3!

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