Creative Ways to Carve Out a Bedroom in a Studio Apartment

October 16, 2020 | Apartment Living

As you’re shopping for Detroit luxury apartments, you may find that a studio apartment is the best fit for you and your needs. Though studio apartments are generally the most affordable option for luxury apartments in Detroit, it can be difficult to section off the space for different functions.

For example, creating a “bedroom” in your studio can feel impossible when you don’t have any walls to make it feel private or separated. However, there are multiple creative ways to carve a bedroom out of your studio apartment.

Use a room divider or curtains. Room dividers come in multiple styles and sizes to fit any space. You could explore the world of paneled room dividers, which act as an accent piece for your apartment while also separating your sleeping area from the rest of the space.

Some studio apartment renters opt for a wooden room divider for a more rustic, cozy feel and a greater sense of structure than a paneled room divider, which is typically made of canvas or a similar thin material.

Curtains are another breezy, effortless way to separate your bed and nightstand from the rest of your apartment. Plus, curtains can be easily opened or closed to suit your mood and level of privacy desired.

In addition to being functional, curtains add a great deal of vertical length to your studio apartment, making it feel taller and more spacious (even though loft living at the Lofts of Merchants Row already promises a more expansive, well-lit space than the standard apartment).

Add a temporary half wall. If you’re renting a studio apartment, you most likely aren’t allowed to perform any construction within it. Luckily, a temporary half wall can be added or removed easily and without tools.

A temporary half wall serves a similar purpose to a room divider or curtains but is often not as tall and provides less of a visible divide. However, since a half wall is completely opaque and clearly reminiscent of a real wall, it can make the bedroom area of your studio apartment feel even more firmly separated than a room divider or curtains would.

Use a bookcase to divide the space. Whether or not you love to read, most people agree that bookcases add a very cozy and home-like feel to any space. Utilizing a bookcase in your studio apartment is a great way to take advantage of vertical space while also providing a separation between your sleeping area and the rest of your apartment that can be as packed with items or as open and see-through as you prefer.

What’s more, bookcases can hold much more than just books. Find a piece that has multiple cubbies so that you can store books in some, eclectic decorations in some, and household items that need storing in others. Storage space can be an issue in studio apartments, and a tall bookcase with a great deal of room can be a stylish and effective way to separate the sections of your living space while also efficiently storing your belongings.

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