Committed to Detroit, And Calling the City I Love ‘Home’!

November 06, 2015 | Apartment Living

Vapley I am facing a dilemma that I never thought would come about. Seven years ago I made the decision to move to Downtown Detroit—committing myself to a 35-mile commute (albeit, thankfully, a reverse commute)—in order to live where I wanted to live. I no longer just wanted to just visit the city I love, I wanted to call it home.

I spent a great deal of time researching, visiting, and then researching some more every possible place in the Downtown area to which I could possibly move. Not only is ‘research’ a huge part of my professional life, investigating possibilities, analyzing them, and assessing outcomes is also a pretty big component of my personality.  [Nota Bene: I just referred to my personality as having components.]

I may get the analytical aspect of my outlook on life from my father, who is a mathematician. But I am also the daughter of an artist—and while I have inherited absolutely 0.00% of her talent, I have been saddled with not just the desire, but the necessity for an aesthetically pleasing environment.

When I decided to move to a Downtown Detroit loft, I had myriad options open to me. And I weighed every single one of them for both practical amenities and aesthetic attributes.  The Lofts of Merchants Row won out, hands down. I scored a gorgeous loft, the management made my move absolutely easy, and since then the building’s maintenance staff has kept everything running  smoothly in my life.

From Day One, I have stated adamantly that there is nowhere else in Downtown Detroit where I would prefer to live (and my researching self has kept on top of my options).

Now I am faced with the entirely unexpected dilemma of wanting to move.

Why? Because The Lofts of Merchants Row is expanding, and I have even more wonderful options for lofts to call home with the same great management and meticulous attention to detail—in both the practical and aesthetic realm.

You see, Schostak Brothers is as committed as I am to both detail and the city I love to call home.  As DBusiness reports:

“The expansion at Lofts of Merchants Row is a very exciting project for Schostak Brothers because of our company’s long history in Detroit and our commitment to the downtown area,” says Jeffrey Schostak, vice president and director of development at Schostak Brothers & Company Inc. in Livonia, the developer of the apartment complex. “We are continuing to look for new development opportunities in the city because we believe in the market.”

The expansion will add new units designed in collaboration with the Detroit-based Kraemer Design Group architectural firm and overseen by the Detroit-based general contractor Sachse Construction.

Do you see my dilemma?

While I love the poured-and-stained concrete floors that I have peppered with oriental rugs in my two-bedroom, two-bath loft, all units (from spacious studios and one-bedrooms to the two-bedrooms, two-baths) in the new space will “feature hardwood floors.”

And, yes, while my current The Lofts of Merchants Row Downtown Detroit loft has “granite countertops in the kitchen with [a] stainless steel sink, open floor plans with high ceilings, and large pane windows” as well as a “walk-in full tile shower,” I see both the practical and the aesthetic aspect of having a “built-in bench in the bathroom.”

Exaggerated Sigh.

‘Exaggerated’ because my dilemma isn’t really a dilemma.

You see, for years friends have been visiting my Downtown Detroit loft and loving it—and all the benefits that Downtown Detroit has to offer—so much that they want to move as soon as they see and experience it for themselves. But in the past few years, there’s been a waitlist for these incredible lofts.

Now, I can just tell them to check out The Lofts of Merchants Row expansion project. And then I can go to their place to get together and gather before a night out in Detroit and enjoy all the incredible amenities and gorgeous aesthetics, without having to move.

I call that a win-win. Well, actually, I have called every day for the past seven years a win-win—ever since the day I was able to call my Downtown Detroit loft home ….


The Detroit-based Kraemer Design Group has been involved with a number of historic renovations, including “The Detroit Athletic Club, an iconic presence in Detroit, [which] underwent a renovation of the 28 Guest Suites, Executive Boardroom, Bowling Locker Rooms, and creation of Tranquility Spa in 2011. KDG created a rich palette for the rooms to reflect the sophistication and history of the Club, as well as to update the current desired amenities of today’s traveler.  The bathrooms were also updated to a timeless and classic feel.  The Boardroom was redesigned to accommodate a table for 24 people and add a sitting area at one of the space to create an informal conference atmosphere.  The locker rooms were updated and a spa was created to meet the demand of the current club members.  The complete renovation has added another level of guest services for the distinguished Detroit Athletic Club.”

The Detroit-based general contractor Sachse Construction “with direction from architect Kraemer Design Group, completely refurbished…the new John Varvatos retail store,” is located in the “Wright-Kay building [constructed in 1891 and located at the corner of Woodward and John R] which has the distinction of being one of the first high-rises and oldest remaining buildings in downtown Detroit. Designed by Gordon W. Lloyd for the F. J. Schwankovsky Company, a retailer of musical instruments, the building boasts a cast iron frame, which has contributed to its longevity.”

Read the ENTIRE DBusiness article “Lofts of Merchants Row in Downtown Detroit Begins Expansion Project“!

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