Come Play Detroit Means Having ALL the Sports IN My Backyard!

July 03, 2020 | Detroit
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In the winter, I play in a Broomball League just a block from my house.

This summer, there are Softball, Soccer, Kickball, and Tennis Leagues on Belle Isle, which I can easily bike or walk to!

If I head up my street to Detroit Shipping Company or Z’s Villa, there is Sand Volleyball.

And beverages.

Rehydration is key, but location is everything…

And living in a Downtown Detroit Loft means that Location, Location, Location = Recreation.

Whether I’m participating or spectating, Come Play Detroit is THE Sport & Social Club to belong to—and it literally takes place in my backyard (or at Belle Isle and local bars that are close enough to count in horseshoes)!

Disclaimer: They don’t have a Horseshoes League.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if they started one. Because there is something for everyone at Come Play Detroit.

Which is why I love living and playing in the city I call Home!

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