Challenge Detroit: Mission Possible, Mission Positive…

March 09, 2012 | Detroit
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We Heart Detroit

Your mission, should you choose to accept it…? 365 days living, working, playing in and giving to the city of Detroit.

What’s to be gained from it? Not just one year of experience for your résumé, but the experience of a lifetime…  And that’s not just for those selected to participate in the Challenge, but for the city itself. Through this holistic experience talented young people, ‘Tomorrow’s Leaders,’ will engage in and with the community as they also grow as individuals, further their leadership skills, and make connections—connections with businesses and business leaders and with the individuals who live in, work for the good of, and love this city.

Challenge Detroit, an initiative of the Collaborative Group, is designed to give participants the opportunity to know and care about the city so that they are further inspired to want to make a difference in Detroit. While they are working in the city (about 32 hours per week) and gaining professional experience to further their careers, they will also be enjoying the city and its amenities by living and ‘playing’ here. Basically discovering just how much there is to do, how many things are going on, and all the places there are to go to every day—ballparks, restaurants, museums, galleries, festivals and more!  And they’ll learn that these things are all right here, in your neighborhood, when you live in the city.

And, just like we all learned from Mr. Rogers (and as State Farm now reminds us), neighbors and neighborhoods are important.  So Challenge Detroit is designed to bring participants together with the people who already live here. The ‘Giving’ component of the initiative? That doesn’t refer to money.  It will be ‘intellectual capital and elbow grease.’ In other words: ‘Giving’ here means not parting with something, but ‘taking part in’ something. So participants will meet with community members and leaders to learn what the community wants and needs and then they will have monthly ‘Team Challenges’ that tackle those community issues.

What can you do to be a part of this excellent program and play a role in making our great city an even greater city tomorrow? First, apply. Be a direct participant in the ‘Challenge.’ Information on the application process can be found below. And, remember, the initiative’s name is ‘Challenge Detroit.’ This doesn’t just refer to location…this is something that everyone who cares about our city can be involved in. You can post a job, donate, or volunteer your time and skills to the program.  The Collaborative Group believes it is important for the community to be involved at all stages and has information available on their website on how all of us, as residents and people who care about the city of Detroit, can contribute directly to the Challenge Detroit initiative as well as ways to play a bigger part in the Detroit community.  And, you can play another role in building community by forwarding this on to friends, family, and colleagues!

The truth is, if you live here, if you work here, if you care about our city, you are already a part of the community. Challenge Detroit is designed not only to create and cultivate the future ambassadors of and advocates for our city, but to make us each aware of the ‘challenge’—and the rewards—of playing a bigger part in our own communities.  And how do we do that? We live, we work, we play, and we give. Things we all do already. Challenge Detroit is just the opportunity for us to do them, to do even more, together.


The Application Deadline is March 25th. To Apply or for information on Donating, Posting Jobs, or Volunteering, visit the Challenge Detroit website at


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