Celebrate Spring in Detroit: Give The ‘D’ a Daisy Day!

March 19, 2015 | Detroit

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Giving someone a flower to show you care is a pretty longstanding tradition—longstanding as in, there are references to the tradition going back to the Bible and pre-biblical times…when the medicinal value of flowers and herbs meant the gift of a flower was a truly caring gesture. You were literally contributing to your neighbor, friend, or family member’s well-being.

Flowers have also long been used to convey meaning between the bearer and the recipient. The Persians had a Language of Flowers—selam (or salaam, a Turkish greeting)—and this Persian custom was used extensively in Turkey in the 1600s for the sending of messages from one person to another. In the 1700s, Charles II of Sweden is credited with being one of the main sources to bring the knowledge of this custom to Europe, and this means of communication became known as Floriography in the Victorian era—incorporating ancient symbolic associations from many cultures: including Greek, Middle Eastern, Roman, Chinese and Japanese.

And on Friday, Blumz Detroit is celebrating the first day of Spring and the long tradition of giving flowers to convey you care about your neighbor’s, friend’s, and family member’s well-being and to show your love for Detroit with “Give The ‘D’ a Daisy Day.” The first 200 people who visit the Detroit location of Blumz by JRDesigns Floral and Event Professionals on March 20th will receive a free Gerbera Daisy!

The Downtown florist’s choice of a bloom to give Detroiter’s is excellent, as the Daisy is considered a symbol of loyalty (and Blumz shares its neighbor’s and patron’s loyalty to Detroit!) The Gerbera Daisy, also considered a symbol of cheerfulness, was discovered in 1884 in South Africa and is part of the family of plants that include Lettuce, Chicory, Globe and Jerusalem Artichokes—making it even more appropriate of a choice as a symbol of how the people who Live, Work, and Play in Detroit strive to nourish the city we love! There are also medicinal properties associated with the Daisy – it is related to Echinacea, and in Britain the Daisy sometimes goes by the (slightly less cute) name Bruisewort, because the crushed leaves sooth bruised or chapped skin.  Daisies are also part of the same family of plants that include Sunflowers—and the first day of Spring is the perfect time to celebrate the sunny days of summer that are just around the corner in Detroit!

So, celebrate Spring in Detroit at Blumz with “Give The ‘D’ a Daisy Day” and receive this gift…a flower that literally shows you care about the well-being of your friends and neighbors and your city Detroit and spread good cheer to everyone you meet!

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