Building Community: How My Detroit Loft Keeps Me Connected!

May 15, 2020 | Detroit
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I’ve been linked in to my neighbors from the first day I moved to my Downtown Detroit loft—eleven years ago now!

My loft leasing office ensured neighbors could easily become friends by hosting Resident Events for us—over the years I’ve been on cruises of the Detroit Riverfront on the Detroit Princess and met up for after-work cocktails at Cornerstone Barrel House.

And now, when it isn’t possible for us to meet up in person, my lofts leasing office is still keeping me connected with my neighbors through our BuildingLink.

This platform has been in place for several years—letting us leave instructions for the front desk, reserve amenities like our free shuttle, communicate with our valet service, and discover discounts offered specifically to us!

And it has become even more invaluable these days, as we can use the bulletin board to post messages for one another. Yes, there are typical bulletin board posts that offer bargains when someone gets a second Keurig as a housewarming gift…

But there are also messages where people are giving. Not giving things away, but actually giving…

Like the recent messages offering free Face Masks (especially for our neighbors working in health care). Updates on Eateries offering Carry-Out/Delivery. And offers to get Groceries.

All of which keeps me connected to the community I live in. A community of people I may never have met in person, but who are people who care about their neighbors.

And our lofts leasing office cares about us, letting us all come together not just for Happy Hours but for helping one another.

Oh, and they also let us meet each other’s pets with Pet Park! Yep, I can post a profile of my Pup—and see my neighbors’ adorable Purr-ers! And Little Dog thinks that is something to wag about!

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