Breakfast: A Very Berry Good Way to Start the Day in Detroit!

April 23, 2019 | Detroit

I know you’ve heard “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” And this is generally followed by some advice for how to simply consume calories in the morning to get your metabolism going.

The Hudson Café holds true to the saying and the importance of breakfast, but they follow it up with anything-but-simple dishes that get your day going.

I can actually get an incredible Hudson Café breakfast and coffee delivered to my door because they offer ‘room service’ to Lofts of Merchants Row Residents. But this month, my Loft Leasing Office is bringing me (and all my neighbors) to the Hudson Café…which is actually just steps from my front door!

Every month my Downtown Detroit Loft hosts a Resident Event where I can meet and mingle with my neighbors at a local eatery or bar. These events are held in the evening, though, and don’t always coincide with everyone’s schedule. But the Breakfast Event is held before work, starting at 7:30 a.m., and I invariably meet new neighbors and make friends who haven’t been able to attend an evening event.

I also always get a new perspective on what ‘most important’ means in terms of how tastiness can affect your attitude toward a new day!

Or even a new season. Like ‘summer.’ Take the Hudson Café’s S’more French Toast, coated with Graham Cracker and stuffed with Marshmallow Fluff and Nutella, and topped with Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Glaze.

Or give me their Baja Cali Omelet, with Tomato Onion, Ham, Bacon, Guacamole, and Swiss—it’s guaranteed to take the gray out of any Winter’s day. (And we do get a lot of those in Michigan. Even in April….)

Actually, where I grew up, we get winter well into May (and sometimes June).  But we also have a Strawberry Festival and the Hudson’s Strawberry Shortcake French Toast, coated with Graham Cracker and stuffed with Strawberries and Cream Cheese Frosting is the perfect melding of Strawberry Shortcake and Strawberry Cheesecake! (Because who can choose just one? Not me!)

But the best part of living above the Hudson Café, having them deliver Room Service to my door, and being treated to breakfast with friends and neighbors by my luxury loft’s leasing office is that I don’t ever have to choose—which makes breakfast not only the most important, but the easiest and tastiest, meal of the day.

Living in a Downtown Detroit loft and having the Hudson Café so close by makes every day a Very Berry good day!

The Hudson Cafe’s Very Berry Stuffed French Toast, stuffed with fresh-sliced Bananas and Cream Cheese Frosting, topped with fresh Berries and Berry Compote!

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