Brackets and a Blazin’ Wings Challenge! Resident Events are a #WIN!

March 24, 2019 | Detroit

There are more mouth-watering eateries in walking distance of my Downtown Detroit Loft than I can count, but this Thursday my Luxury Loft’s Leasing Office is treating me to a truly mouth-watering (and eye-watering) outing: our Annual Blazin’ Wings Challenge.

Every month, my neighbors and I get invited to an event hosted by my Downtown Luxury Loft Leasing Office—it’s a great way to get to know your neighbors and discover new bars and eateries in Detroit—and this month we’re headed to Buffalo Wild Wings.

Actually, Buffalo Wild Wings has been a mainstay in Downtown Detroit since 2012 when they renovated the historic ‘Temple of Odd Fellows’ Building which had previously stood empty into 20,000 square-feet of ideal TV-watching while eating wings with friends! With nearly 100 TVs, there isn’t a bad seat in the house, and if there’s a game on, B-Dubs has got it on. And, as we all know, this Thursday there will be some very ‘Sweet’ games on!

And the Sweet Sixteen will pair perfectly with the Spicy Wings in our Blazin’ Wings Challenge, where competitors will attempt to eat six super-hot boneless wings in under sixty seconds.

Fortunately, Buffalo Wild Wings also has a huge selection of draft beers (including craft!) and bottled brews, as well as cocktails and wine. Which will be great for the competitors to wash down those wings and for everyone from my Downtown Detroit Luxury Lofts to go rounds while watching the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament rounds!

Right now, my bracket is a bit busted. But no matter, on Thursday, and everyday in a Downtown Detroit Loft, we’re all winners.

Because when you live in a Downtown Detroit Luxury Loft (that also restored the historic building I live in), it’s a #WIN that they also host you and your neighbors for get-togethers that put the neighbor back in neighborhood.

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