A Realistic Look at the Pros and Cons of a Loft Apartment

July 26, 2015 | Apartment Living

Naturally, as the purveyors of righteously amazing loft apartments above the beating heart of downtown Detroit, the Lofts of Merchants Row takes a pretty positive view of the ‘loft lifestyle’ — but we’d be remiss if we didn’t occasionally acknowledge that living in a loft has some downsides, too. So here’s our honest look at some of the less-obvious reasons why you might not want to live in a loft apartment — balanced, of course, with our perspective on the matter.


The Honest Downsides

There are clearly some downsides about having high ceilings, lots of windows, and the classic exposed brick and concrete of a loft. Among the not-so-obvious are:

  • Heating and Cooling Costs. All that air, free to circulate past the windows and exposed structural stonework, can make it quite warm in the summer and quite cool in the winter. To boot, it can take a while to get back to your ‘comfort zone’ if it gets too hot or cool, and it will cost more than a similarly-square-footed apartment of a more traditional construction.
  • Smells Linger. Similarly, in a more typical apartment, if you burn your oatmeal, the smell can often be confined to the kitchen, or effectively sucked out entirely with the clever use of a box fan. In a loft, if a nasty scent gets out into that big open space, it’s more often that you’ll get used to it than that you’ll get it out a window, no matter how powerful your fan.
  • Open ‘Overlooking’ Bedrooms Can Be Embarrassing. Some of our floorplans involve having one bedroom (or sometimes a dedicated ‘loft’ room) open to the living area but a story above, with privacy provided by a lack of sight-line to the bed/closet area. Suffice it to say, without walls, there are definitely some roommates that you don’t want to have in that bedroom. In the worst-case scenario, this can combine with the previous point to make life rather discomfiting for all involved.


But It’s SO Worth It

So if you have to deal with higher-than-standard utility bills, persistent smells, and some potential lack of privacy, what’s the upside?  Glad you asked!

  • Space is Good for Your Spirit. The large, open-layout living spaces with tall ceilings and picture windows gives the impression of living in a much larger space than the square footage would suggest. Studies have shown that small-feeling spaces increase stress — and stress-related issues like domestic abuse and substance abuse — and spaciousness, even if it’s largely perceived rather than actual, has the opposite effect: it’s calming.
  • Lofts Are Stylish. This is harder to quantify, but if you live in a loft for a while, you’ll recognize the phenomenon when it happens: people are more likely to complement you on your pad when you live in a loft. There’s something funky-chic about the way a loft comes together — it makes you feel like you live somewhere cool in a way that no traditional apartment possibly could.
  • Decorating Options are Enormous. The high ceilings and large windows of a loft let you get away with decorating tricks that most people could only dream of. Ever wanted a fourteen-foot Christmas tree? How about using your kayak as a design element, hanging at a jaunty angle over the living room? All that space is a canvas waiting for your genius — enjoy it!


We won’t even try to pretend that we’re not biased — we encourage absolutely anyone who is looking for a fun and funky place to live to visit the Lofts of Merchants Row and check out their options!

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